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Why Our Customers Trust Us So Much

Category : Customer Loyalty

Because we don’t just say we care. We actually do. Simple as that!

Here’s a video where the proprietor of Landmark, Dhanbad, Mr. Sanjay More tells us why he is so happy with Rancelab.

We truly believe in keeping our customers happy. And the simplest way to do that, is to be available when they need. And that is why, we make sure we respond to and address their queries asap.

It benefits the customers in two ways:

1. They don’t have to put a stop to their work for the issues to get resolved.

2. We send our team over wherever possible. This saves them time and effort.

Keeping your customers happy is not always rocket science. Sometimes, it is as simple as being proactive in responding to them.

How can Retailers Leverage the Power of Social Media

Category : Customer Loyalty, Smart Tips

ways in which retailers can leverage social mediaDo you think that you don’t need to build your online brand because your customers don’t buy from you online? Think Again! In this digital age, it is a sin to not leverage the immense power of social media.

But don’t be daunted! Online brand building is not rocket science. Here’s how you can make good use of social media in a few simple ways:

1. Inform your customers about the latest products

Take pictures of your newest products and share them on your social media. If you are more savvy and have a Pinterest account – bless you!  This will pull even your lazier customers out of their homes to check out the new arrivals or drop in for the new Sunday special.

2. Give awesome customer service

Social media has revolutionized the way customer service happens in the world now. You can easily track what your customers think of you with the help of Twitter mentions and Facebook trends. Use that information to address their problems with you.

Be quick to respond and be polite (even if they are not). Treat it like an extension of your store where the thumb rule is ‘be good to your customers’ (online is in fact an extension of your store).

3. Promote your promotional events

You must be running promotional events at your store during festivals and special occasions. Social media is a good channel to promote those events and workshops. You can create event pages and share all the relevant information. Invite them, interact with them and ask them to invite more people – endless possibilities!

4. Share customer stories

If you have happy customer stories, share them online. Nothing builds trust like the words of a happy customer does. You can always find these stories after you have resolved customer queries.

But make sure you have proof that a certain someone said it. Don’t just cook stories up. A genuine story has a very different charm. People buy such stories.

5. Integrate your store

Some of your customers may look you up online. But most of them won’t unless you tell them you are there.  Have links to your Facebook pages and Twitter handles on your store merchandise, price tags and hoardings.

You can create ‘online only’ campaigns and give out coupons to winners which can be redeemed at your store. This reverse flow can also give the much needed boost to your online customer engagement.

Try it out. It is easy, comparatively inexpensive and less time taking. And much more rewarding if done the right way. Because online is where most of your customers are, and the rest are going to be – soon!

Business Expansion with FusionResto

Category : Customer Loyalty, Simplifying Restaurant Businesses

Expansion is a dream every business owner has in his / her eyes. Though, the process of expanding is not a cakewalk. Things that have worked for you before may not work for the new venture.

However some things will definitely work. And you can emulate them without putting much thought. This leaves you to focus on more important things.

Chaskaa Cafe is one such business on the verge of expansion. Its partner Rahul tells us more about this:

Chaskaa Café is a very popular multi-cuisine restaurant in Kolkata. They have grown considerably in very less time. Rahul attributes a part of this success to Rancelab. He tells us why he wants to expand with Rancelab.

To quote Rahul’s exact words, “We want to expand with RanceLab because we are very satisfied with their services.” Out of all the benefits of FusionResto, the comprehensive daily analysis reports has helped them the most.

They also swear by our after sales support. In case of need, if we could not go to the cafe we solved the issue on TeamViewer. But we made sure we solved it. They never had to stop work because of FusionResto.

It is said that you should not change the things that work best for you. Let FusionResto take care of your operations while you worry about the more difficult parts of expansions.

If you are also looking to expand, Download a FREE DEMO today & see how we can help you.

7 Tips to Run a Successful Restaurant

Category : Customer Loyalty, Simplifying Restaurant Businesses, Smart Tips

ways to make successful restaurantYour restaurant does better (much better actually) when there are large number of new and repeat customers flocking your restaurant at all times. But, how do you make this happen?

Here is a list of thing you could do for making your restaurant wildly successful :

Tip 1: Treat your guests as the most important persons of your business. You are in business because they are here.

Tip 2: Try to make them wait the least. Encourage them to book in advance.
Arrange for some activities or something to forward to / do while they wait, specially for children.

Tip 3: Courteous & knowledgeable wait-staff can make a lot of difference to your guest’s experience. Get the best captains and wait-staff that you can afford. Train them like crazy.

Tip 4: Soft music can create a fantastic ambiance for their dining experience and improve their appetite. Make sure the music matches your menu. You can’t play hard rock with a traditional, north Indian menu.

Tip 5: While having large number of tables can accommodate more guests,
giving your guests enough space around the tables is vital for their comfort and privacy.
It also helps to serve them easily without the risk of spillages. Don’t clutter your dining area.

Tip 6: Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some like it spicy, some like it bland.
Try to collect feedback from every guest without pestering them too much.
Make sure you attend to all negative comments promptly.

Tip 7: Remember them on their birthdays and anniversaries.
You can become their favorite dining destination because of this thoughtfulness.

Remember! They are at your restaurant to have a great evening. Your efforts towards ensuring this will not go unrewarded.

Food & Beverages Department Management – Fewer Errors, More Profits

Category : Customer Loyalty, Inventory Management, Smart Tips

Food & Beverages department concerns the “food flow”, from the purchasing of the raw materials to service to the guests’ dining, concerned with the delivery and presentation of the food to the guests, after completion of the food production.

This department is responsible for maintaining high quality of food and service, food costing, recipe management, menu engineering, bars and more. An integrated F&B module to your PoS, enhances guest experience by improving service with easy to use touch screen point-of-sale (POS), mobile-based ordering and automatic KOT printing.

It helps you to easily achieve a profitable food costing by controlling the procurement, storing, issuing, item recipe, consumption, wastage and variance. With inbuilt menu engineering, you get a menu that is popular as well as profitable.

Key elements in this department are:

Menu Engineering: Use menu engineering to create an effective item mix and gross profit margin to determine the relative performance of each menu item and classify them in a profit-popularity index as high-high, high-low, low-low and low-high. This helps you to balance the menu with popular items and profitable items.

Recipe and Production Management: Easily enter the recipe ingredients for each of the food and drinks menu items. It shall support semi-finished items, which are used to produce the final items.

Food Costing: Food costing helps you with strict control on raw material procurement at correct rates, issuing in the right quantity at the right time. This keeps a constant check on costs incurred and improves quality.

Variance Control: Variance control helps you to compare and analyze the actual consumption (cost and quantity) with ideal consumption. It helps you to increase revenue and quality by controlling mistakes (erroneous data entry) and mischief.

Restaurant Table Reservation: With an effective reservation system, you can easily manage the table booking and waitlist for the current shift or for a future date. While booking, a preferred table and wait staff can also be assigned with guest name, contact detail and other guest preferences.

Storing and Issuing (Stock Transfer): End-to-end stock transfer module comes to the rescue for the store manager and lets him manage the tracking of inventory. It helps him to receive, store and issue goods for designated sections to prevent theft or pilfering.

Food & Beverages department is an inseparable part of the hotel service. You need to pay enough attention to this department as it comprises a many complicated stages and procedures requiring expert attention.

FusionPMS helps you manage the F&B department at the maximum efficiency with minimal manual data entry errors thereby contributing positively to your bottomline. Check out the FREE demo here.

Housekeeping & Maintenance Optimisation at Your Hotels and Resorts

Category : Customer Loyalty, Inventory Management

Guests rate cleanliness as the most important feature affecting their choice to stay in a specific hotel. There is nothing worse than assigning a dirty room to arriving guests. In the morning rush hours when many guests are checking out and many are waiting to check-in, finding out which rooms are clean is very time consuming and mistakes here can be detrimental to the guest satisfaction.

In addition to cleaning the rooms, the housekeeping is likely to be responsible for managing the laundry. They are also responsible for storing proper inventory for cleaning and room supplies. It requires a good amount of time and effort for record keeping of these.

Automation of housekeeping department helps your hospitality business to get a grip over these problems before they arise. It marks the room with dirty status as soon a check-out happens. It also marks stay-over room clearly during the night audit.

The housekeeping staff is given a real-time occupancy report clearly displaying the room status for each room. They can simply change the status as the cleaning is done and supervised. The changes are displayed in real time at the reservation counter as the status is updated. It allows the housekeeping manager to efficiently record and analyse the inventory and other activities to keep a check on cost.

Key functionality of Housekeeping features in FusionPMS:

Cleaning, Supervision and Room Status: The status is clearly visible at the reservation screen and it will never allow assigning a dirty room to a guest. It helps the front office and housekeeping perform their jobs better, resulting in accurate and up-to-date room status.

Task Management and Scheduler: It helps you handle activities related to housekeeping, room supervision, maintenance and engineering. It works as a communication tool between the front office, housekeeping and the maintenance department.

Minibar Management: It includes complete management for the minibar billing and inventory control by offering a clear inventory position in each minibar, request to refill and billing option.

Inventory and Material Management: A large number of product inventories are required to be maintained by the housekeeping department for cleaning and servicing. The housekeeping inventory includes cleaning items.

Opening Stock: When you kick-start the system, start by importing opening balances of inventory details.

Barcode Integration: Barcode integration eliminates errors and speeds up the process of receiving and issuing of inventory and minimizes the dependency on manual data entry. With a smart system you can either utilize the pre-printed barcode found on the product packaging or generate barcode labels for items without barcodes.

House-keeping and maintenance is a service that is mostly remembered by the customers even after a long time. To make this after effect last even longer in customers’ minds, automate your hospitality business with high quality technology that understands your business better.

Invest in FusionPMS and serve more guests, better. Check out the FREE demo here.

Front Office Management: Increased Efficiency with our Property Management Software

Category : Customer Loyalty, Smart Tips

A front desk at a hospitality property is the place where a guest comes face to face with hotel staff for the first time. More often than not your guest has made a tiring journey and would like to be shown her room as soon as possible. A good front office management solution automates the check-in process to a large extent and makes it the fastest possible.

The final billing process also takes at least half an hour prior to the check out timing. An effective front office works as a queue busting tool in those busy morning hours, when invariably each guest has a flight to catch, and makes the guest feel so relaxed that she would love to come back here for another stay.

As automation makes its way into many parts of a hotel, many choose to adopt technology at their front desk too. However, front office management is more than just the reservation process and when a software is adopted it effectively needs to automate all front office functions, except of course, your receptionist’s warm greetings. It helps you with a good bunch of facilities that help you to get rid of those junk front office loads with a few easy steps, without long hours of training.

Highlighted activities of front office are:

 Reservation: Accurate reservation for individual, groups or corporate.

 Group Reservation: Front office bill to group owner, individual or company.

 Reception & Guest service: Overall improved guest experience.

 Profiles & Guest History: Guest information and preference in detail.

 Cash & Deposits: Easy payment collection using mixed modes of payment.

 Night Audit: Ensures correctness of front office transactions.

 Flexible Rate Plans: Rate charts for rack rates, seasonal, corporate and travel agents.

 Demand Forecasting: Multi-colored room status with on-screen access and control.

The front office serves as the gateway of the entire business process and the guests form their first and last impressions about the hotel and its services from the efficiency of this section.

Download a FREE demo copy of the FusionPMS software for your property – be it a hotel, resort or a chain of properties.

Retail Marketing Success with Enhanced Customer Experience

Category : Customer Loyalty, Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

It is considered to be 7 times easier to get the customer back in your shop than to get a new customer in. So what are you doing to make your customers come back to your outlet?

Here are some simple tips to keep them connected to you and to convert one-time shoppers to repeat buyers:

Make their shopping a pleasant experience.

Work on the ambience of your retail outlet, display the wares in a well organized fashion, have clear directions to the different sections (clear and ample signage), have knowledgeable salespersons, who won’t bother the “just checking out” people but will have clear explanations for the curious customers.

Work on Quick and easy checkout.

Once the buyers are done with their shopping, they want to check out fast. Have enough billing points and use technology tools like bar code scanners for quick billing. Keep ample change at each counter. Have several payment options like credit and debit cards in addition to cash.

Have courteous staff.

Nothing irritates a shopper more than staff with bad manners. All your touch points like sales persons on the counters, billing counter staff and even the security people at the doors should be well trained in customer relations with polite manners (no harm in being strict with politeness). A soft ‘thank you’ from the security person at the exit adds lots of value to a customer’s experience with your store.

Continue the relationship.

Try to maintain contact even after they have left your store. If you have captured their contact information like email or phone number, thank them for the purchase and write to them at a decent frequency.

This needs a fine balance. You don’t want to bother them with too many emails but want to retain your brand in front of them. Develop a workable frequency with some experimentation.

Actively watch what they could not find.

Sometimes people don’t find what they are looking for. Your sales people should intently watch such reactions and help the patrons locate those items if they are in stock. If many people are asking for something and you don’t have that in stock, consider adding these items soon.

Connect on the social networking sites.

You should handout a simple card with your social networking addresses like those for Facebook and Twitter, to all buyers along with the invoice. Actively request them to connect with your brand to get the latest news, offers and promotions. Ask them to post reviews on Google local, Review Centre and other review sites. This will engage them, attract their friends and also develop a simple bond which you can work on solidifying.

These simple tips will enhance your customer’s shopping experience and they will be tempted to come back to your shop or store rather than waste time at the crappy competitor’s store.

Of course, if you want to take the first big step in streamlining your operations, you can consider taking a demo of our flagship FusionRetail software which will make your billing counter work at wonderful speed.

Customer Service: Delivering the ‘WOW’ Experience

Category : Customer Loyalty, Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

When it is business that one is talking about, there is just one God – that is the customer. A business concern’s primary duty is to look after customer satisfaction. It must provide the customer with an experience so good and satisfying, that the customer is bound to return time and again to the same brand.

Whether it is the stress of the competition or a desire to profit more and more, for some reason, businesses have somehow forgotten what their main focus should be. The customer under all circumstances must be the main focus of any business – big or small. Some people forget about the customer service while competing with other businesses and cutting down prices like there is no tomorrow.

Hence the important thing to keep in mind to survive in such cut throat competition is to actually look after the customer. In other words, a business concern must be customer- driven. That will definitely give the business an edge of its own.

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How to Achieve Profitability In Retail

Category : Customer Loyalty, Smart Tips

Profit is one of the major catch words in business. A business, that guarantees everything, but does not make any profit, is not a business at all. Therefore, profitability in retail is an essential aspect of each and every business. However, achieving profitability can sometimes be quite a challenge in this competitive market. If we keep a few tips in mind, we can actually make the job easier and a little more comfortable than usual.

Introducing technology can reap harvest that is unimaginable. A machine to manage the total inventory, not only saves time, but also increases accuracy of the work. The time saved can be devoted to increasing the business prospects.

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