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Retailing is Detailing – All about the Customer Loyalty Program

It is very common to receive an update request from the customer like “we have created a database of 500 customers and we want to introduce a loyalty program for them”

The most common reply to this request is “Yes we have a CRM module and this is the update charges”

Although the question is answered but it leaves many questions unanswered.

Why? Here are the few questions which has true essence of implementing a CRM package to your business.

  1. What do you want your CRM Software to do for you?
  2. Is it just tracking a customer against each sale invoice?
  3. You want to categorize customers depending upon business volume they give you?
  4. Do you want to introduce a point collection system?
  5. Are those points redeemable? or Can that be adjusted against fresh purchases made?
  6. Can collected points by 4 family members be clubbed and used?
  7. Is there any expiry for redemption or for the card?
  8. Can these points be redeemed at the store where they were earned? or It can be redeemed at any of the company store.
  9. Do you need to adjust the points manually?
  10. What reporting is required by the Customer Care department? A monthly statement or cumulated account
  11. What reporting needs to be shared with each customer?

Without these questions answered it is most likely to have a lot many issues invited post installation. This is just like evaluating a POS software for your business that tracks inventory, manages finances and keep things moving.

Remember, Retailing is all about Detailing!!! The more you ask the more you get.