Most Advanced Restaurant Management Software

with Advanced Point of Sale Features

RanceERP has advanced POS features that trump other software having just the POS billing module.

High-Performance POS
Works on POS, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile, Onsite & Cloud, Online and Offline
Multiple Service Modes
Dining, Take Away, Delivery, Self-ordering Kiosk & Reservation. All works seamlessly, together
Eliminates kitchen nightmare Robust KOT printing and display mechanism, both works perfectly
Marketplace Integration
Website or App, Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda and Uber Eats. Connects all to POS
Fully Digital, Say No to Paper
Contribute to the environment, go paperless. Digital receipts will be sent on SMS & email
Everything You Need
Join & Move table, Split by Item, Seat or Amount, Multiple Modes of Paymen


Customer Lifecycle Management

Builds, Retains and Grows Your Customer Base

Customer Engagement Program captures the data points and creates a customer profile you’ve always needed to build, retain and grow your customer base. A detailed profile of the customers includes customers’ contact information, family details, contact numbers, birthday and anniversary, their buying patterns, average ticket size, most preferred items and frequency to order. Over time, as it records the information about your customers, becomes the centralized database for your business. Using this data, FusionResto creates personalised offers and sends it via customized messages. It also identifies the customer who is regular and who hasn't ordered in a while and enables you to easily leverage it in the most profitable way. It creates Polls for you to attract more customers with exciting questions on voters screens, surveys the outcome on increased in extra benefits.

Customer Profile

Data driven customer profile

FusionResto captures comprehensive details including salutation, name, phone number, email, personal information like birthday, anniversary, profile picture, work details such as the name of the organisation, credit limit, customers’ family details including spouse and kids details. It also keeps the account information such as status, wallet balance and points.

Membership Transcripts & Segmentation

Captures information required to build your marketing strategy

FusionResto’s unique loyalty features it creates data driven customer profiles. The profiles are created after carefully reviewing buying patterns, average ticket size, most preferred items, personal references and frequency to order. It segments customers in different groups viz friends, family, corporate, individual and allows to create multiple membership transcripts such as platinum, gold, silver.

Multiple Engagement Campaigns

Multi-channel engagement campaigns (sms, email)

FusionResto CRM offers one of its kind unique campaigns, based on transcripts. Built-in reward points administration helps quick on-boarding of customers by offering sign-up bonus points. Customers earn points every time they spend at your outlet. It also offers cash back and wallet support. A few popular and most loved campaigns includes

Refer-and-earn Reward Campaign

It encourages your existing customers to refer new customers to your outlets. Everytime a new customer is introduced to your outlet, the referee customer gets bonus points. New customers also get a joining bonus. Get 50 bonus points on referring a customer.

Extra rewards on special occasions

A great way to pamper your loved and loyal customer is to offer them additional bonus points on their special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Get extra 25 points on birthday.

Points Conversion Campaign

When a number of points are accumulated, your customers can spend them directly or it can be converted into currency and can be used at your own outlets or partner outlets. 1 Point = 1 Rs

Point Doubler Campaign

Promote off hours or special hours of your business. Reward your loyal customers with double benefits or points during a particular time of the day or day of the week. Get 2x points between 4 - 6 PM

Product based Campaigns

Campaigns specific to single or multiple products carried out during product launch or on low selling items. This makes the product movement faster and releases the blocked capital. Get 10 points on Iced Tea.

Prepaid Wallet

Customers can prepay a particular amount and enjoy additional bonus. This way the customers get a bonus and the outlet gets assured business and upfront revenue. Get 10% extra on paying Rs.1000.

Coupons and Gift Vouchers

Create your own currency

With RanceLab you can enjoy your own currency and distribute it within your customer network. The currency is distributed in the form of one-time coupons to multiple gift vouchers. This creates a great engagement amongst them and encourages them to spend more. Coupons can effectively be promoted on social media to attract and build mass around your brand. It engages customers and boosts business. This currency can also be used as joint promotion across your own brands or other complimenting brands in the market. Various coupons can be created for specific segments or all customers where they can get offers like Buy 1 Get 1 Free, 50% off on Total Bill, 20% off on next visit.

OTP based Discount and Redemption

Fully secured OTP driven discount and redemption

Offering discounts to loyal customers and redeeming their earned points is a common practice at any point of sale. However, most businesses leave this to its users, resulting in human errors and in worst case malpractices or fraud. RanceLab offers a unique way to validate discount and redeem points via secured OTP, to avoid any malpractices. This makes your customers happy and prevents you from frauds.

Subscription based Membership

Creates happy and returning customer base

A lot of restaurants and premium lounges offer special memberships to selected or regular guests. This helps restaurants generate fixed and repeat business and extends special membership benefits to the enrolling customers, such as special screening of some events or members only at night or happy hours. With FusionResto’s subscription you can limit underage guests to consume selective items such as only food and no alcohol. You may also define and administer a period for auto renewals. FusionResto automatically posts subscription invoices to member accounts. You can send bulk email of outstanding ledgers to members with a single click.

Poll & Survey Management

Creates internal and external poll and survey

With FusionResto Poll & Survey Management, you can create internal or external polls inviting your staff members and customers to cast their vote. Survey includes introducing new food items or a cocktail. These polls make your team feel important and an integral part of the decision making process. It also elevates customer experience that builds and retains their loyalty towards your brand.

Customer Feedback

Improves customer’s happiness index

FusionResto has a built-in customer feedback manager that captures real-time feedback. Each feedback is tagged to a transaction and offers a management dashboard for quick view of feedback summary. Detailed individual feedback based on location and date range can be viewed anytime. Unique feature offered by FusionResto is its click to call to customer from voice-call enabled devices and tap to send an email response to the customer’s feedback from internet enabled devices. It captures feedback on various parameters: ambience, service, food, experience, value for money and gives an action based reporting for increasing operational efficiency and customer delight.

Finest Loyalty Report

Specially crafted finest actionable loyalty reports

No system is complete without reports. With actionable reports, you can make a decision to either move forward or stay where you are. Some of the finest MIS reports include comparison of customer points and wallet statements, customer-wise sales report to identify top spenders, city and state wise sales report to surface the thrust geographical areas. The reports also include buying patterns, average ticket size, most preferred items, personal references and frequency to order.

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For a single outlet or a chain, RanceLab is a ready-to-use software for Restaurant businesses. It takes care of your billing (POS), finance, inventory, customer loyalty, supply chain, payroll, analysis, promotions, and offers. Unlike other software, it makes you profit sooner, reach the break-even faster, and open new outlets quicker.

As soon as your organization grows, you will like to have a system that offers 360 degree solutions to your requirements. RanceLab perfectly fits into that and adapts to your business needs and offers modules that scale your business.

RanceLab can be installed and used in various ways that suit your infrastructure. It can be installed on a local machine (desktop or pos) or network of machines. It can be hosted on the cloud and accessed from anywhere. It is a perfect companion for a single location or chain of locations.

Desktop software does not require the Internet to function. However, the cloud-hosted application requires Internet connectivity. You may use your own mobile data to keep the operations running.

We offer 24/7 support via various support channels such as phone, email, online ticket, web FAQ, online manual, context-sensitive built-in help, dedicated support / account managers.

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