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RanceERP has advanced POS features that trump other software having just the POS billing module.

High-Performance POS
Works on POS, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile, Onsite & Cloud, Online and Offline
Multiple Service Modes
Dining, Take Away, Delivery, Self-ordering Kiosk & Reservation. All works seamlessly, together
Eliminates kitchen nightmare Robust KOT printing and display mechanism, both works perfectly
Marketplace Integration
Website or App, Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda and Uber Eats. Connects all to POS
Fully Digital, Say No to Paper
Contribute to the environment, go paperless. Digital receipts will be sent on SMS & email
Everything You Need
Join & Move table, Split by Item, Seat or Amount, Multiple Modes of Paymen


Raw Material Management

Turns your inventory into competitive advantage

RanceLab Inventory Management ensures you achieve maximum profitability by strict monitoring, control and optimization of the inventory. It manages procurement, purchase, issue, transfer and maintains optimum stock at all times, thereby reducing your stock holding cost and wastage. Automatic production & consumption of items and physical stock taking, gives you the estimated vs actual usage of inventory to identify thefts, leakage and pilferage, if any, that happens in the process. Tools like recipe management and food costing, along with built-in menu engineering helps you keep your costs low and profits high. The inventory reports help you understand whether overstocking or understocking is eating up your profit margin. Centralized inventory management access real-time stock levels of each outlet and make transfers from the central warehouse. Set re-order, minimum order and safety order levels and based on these data, the system automatically calculates the exact stock quantity that you need. FusionResto comes with an effective store control that prevents malpractice and corruption.

Purchase and Returns

A penny saved is a penny earned

An operating restaurant needs to store hundreds of items with different computation patterns, minimum order quantity and supply lead-time. This makes it difficult to maintain a good inventory position in which you do not end up blocking a large chunk of your operating funds and at the same time do not run out of stock position.The purchase module instantly displays last purchase details and auto-fills last prices.

It enables you to classify each purchase and track and monitor preferred, good and bad suppliers. It also helps to create correct masters when you are adding new products. You can even define rate contracts or price lists for monthly supplies. Built-in return management allows you to record a wrong or a spoiled item that needs to be returned to the supplier. A timely and informed purchase not only gets you a good price deal but it also builds better relations with your supplier, resulting in getting more quality raw materials with extended credit.

Store Management

Keeps a close eye on your inventory

Each raw material inside the store comes with its own shelf life and failing to consume it within that frame results in inventory loss. RanceLab Store Management system keeps a clear track of the current available stock at your physical and virtual stores. Built-in Warehouse helps you park your stocks for each physical and virtual location. The stock-in & stock-out features give you the details of the movement on each day. View detailed reports about stock and make data-driven decisions.

Indent and Transfers

Matching demand and supply

Using manual registers, handwritten notes and spreadsheets to manage inventory leads to difficulties in operation, resulting in delays and sometimes ends up in malpractices. Also manual notes often leads to under order and over deliver or vice versa. This eats up a major portion of the operating funds and directly affects profits and guest services. FusionResto’s powerful warehouse and stock transfer management solution enables users to raise indents Receive purchase requests from your outlets, combine them to view total demand against in-house stocks. Make transfers to outlets as and when needed. System also helps you forecast the demand via our AI powered automatic procurement process.

Real-time Stock

Get real-time stock updates on your fingertips

No more guesswork! Yes, you read it right. With RanceLab, your store manager or merchandiser no longer has to do guesswork. See all your current stocks spread across various locations in real-time. Moreover, it gives you the finest stock statement that gives you both quantity as well as stock value on actual basis. It also gives you a stock ledger that helps you view the movement of every individual stock item in your books.

Reorder Level

Maintains optimum stock all the time

RanceLab is more than setting up and retrieving reorder levels. It also offers safety level, reorder quantity and minimum order quantity to ensure that the stock holding costs are reduced and wastage is eliminated. This also helps in automatic generation of a replenishment order at the appropriate time by comparison of stock level against re-order level inventory controls. From a customer service perspective, accurate inventory level tracking makes it easy for you to respond to customer queries with accuracy.

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RanceLab Inventory management offers raw material management, purchase and returns, store management, indent, work orders, stock transfer, real time inventory updates, setting up of reorder levels, expiry, physical inventory, stock discrepancy and host of reports to ensure you do not observe any pilferage or leakage in your inventory.

Yes, you can see your inventory or stock on various parameters in real time. Mobile app lets you check and review your inventory anytime.

Yes, it supports setting up of expiry date and emails the list of expiry items well in advance so that you do not lose. It also blocks the sales of expiry items so that you do not sell it to the customers.

Yes, it generates the list of items that need to be reordered.

Yes you can create and maintain as many warehouses (physical or virtual). Also you can see accurate reports of warehouse wise.

Yes, you can manage the stock of multiple companies.

Yes, you can import stock using an excel file.

Yes, you can classify your inventory in raw materials, semi finished goods and finished goods.

Yes, we offer 5 layers of categorization to smartly categorize and identify your inventory. You may further breakdown inventory specific to their category in further classification to ensure you have the root level information of your inventory.

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