Most Advanced Restaurant Management Software

with Advanced Point of Sale Features

RanceERP has advanced POS features that trump other software having just the POS billing module.

High-Performance POS
Works on POS, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile, Onsite & Cloud, Online and Offline
Multiple Service Modes
Dining, Take Away, Delivery, Self-ordering Kiosk & Reservation. All works seamlessly, together
Eliminates kitchen nightmare Robust KOT printing and display mechanism, both works perfectly
Marketplace Integration
Website or App, Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda and Uber Eats. Connects all to POS
Fully Digital, Say No to Paper
Contribute to the environment, go paperless. Digital receipts will be sent on SMS & email
Everything You Need
Join & Move table, Split by Item, Seat or Amount, Multiple Modes of Paymen


Secured Login

Most secured and granular level security

RanceLab has multiple methods and levels of robust security ensuring zero tampering to your data. From manual login credentials to magnetic cards and from highly secure chip cards to most secure fingerprint login, FusionResto has everything to ensure zero unauthorised access to the system. Each session and logins are recorded and can be viewed at a later stage to identify and surface any malpractices.

Auto Check-out

Protects proxy entries

Whenever a user is away from his workstation leading to inactivity, RanceLab automatically logs him out of the system. This process significantly reduces system exposure to data breach. Auto check-out also protects the user from getting proxy entries added or in the worst case modified or deleted using his / her credentials.

Team System

Keeps teams collaborated, saves from work duplicacy

Built-in team system enables system administrators to create different teams thereby allowing selected users to view or work on specific data. With team-system different user groups will have access to various sets of data pertaining to different departments or geography. For example, the finance team will have access to records limited to accounts or Kolkata team will have access to records limited to Kolkata location.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Multi level user roles and rights

Role-based access control (RBAC) allows a predefined access to a user’s role within an organization and has become one of the main methods for advanced access control. The roles in RBAC refer to the levels of access that users have on the system. Users are only allowed to access the information necessary to effectively perform their job duties. Access can be based on several factors, such as authority, responsibility, and job competency. In addition, access to computer resources can be limited to specific tasks such as the ability to view, create, modify or print.

User Based Menu

User based menu for specific purposes

User-based Menu allows users to view selected menu items in the system. As a result, their scope to access the system gets limited. It reduces the administrative work and IT support, maximizes operational efficiency and improves compliance. With user-based menus in place, lower-level users do not have the privilege to access a few menu items or to sensitive data. This is especially helpful if you have many users. Using a user based menu will help in securing your company’s sensitive data.

Activity & Audit Trail

Tracks and reports all activities and sessions

The goal of any user activity monitoring is to find and filter out actionable information that’s valuable in data protection efforts. With effective processes in place, RanceLab immediately detects and surfaces suspicious user activity for you to investigate further. You can also find out what users are adding, modifying or even deleting. User activity monitoring is also helpful in ensuring that users do not access the system outside your domain or premises.

Data Health Analysis

Tracks and reports all data health

Analysis shows how many records (masters and transactions) were edited, deleted and re-printed along with user details, involved in the activity. This details also checks all the necessary links and updates the health of the locations connected, data status, activity report of edited master records, different logs, data summary and logged-in user reports. It tracks and highlights unusual activity and assists administrators in resolving the same. Built-in database management tools assist system administrators in keeping the data health in optimized condition.

KOT and Void Analysis

Tracks and reports all KOT and cancelled KOT

RanceLab tracks down to each line item in each single KOT punched by the users from various POS terminals or handheld devices. The KOT consists of details such as table number, covers, name of the server, date, time, items ordered, and its quantity. Usually, all the KOTs are serially numbered for control purposes. RanceLab checks for any duplicate or cancel KOT with users involved in the activity so that the food controller can take proper action on it. It also carries customer remarks in case of cancellation by the customer so that the kitchen and chef knows the actual reason and improves further.

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Fraud control and prevention module identifies and surfaces the line items of your business where there is a direct revenue loss or a leakage or the theft. It shows various matrices so that you can take necessary actions on time, everytime.

It comes with the most secure fingerprint login to prevent unauthorized access. Software automatically logs out a user, if there is no activity for a specific time. It keeps a detailed trail of audit and activity so that you can track back to the minute details of the action or transaction.

We provide Role-based access control also known as RBAC that allows a predefined access to a user's role within an organization. The roles in RBAC refer to the levels of access that users have on the system. Access can be based on several factors, such as authority, responsibility, and job competency. In addition, access to computer resources can be limited to specific tasks such as the ability to view, create, modify or print.

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