POS Software – A revolution in technology

Computers brought Technology and Technology brought Systems.

A powerful POS System not only helps you in doing day-to-day complex tasks in minutes. It helps you to take decisions much faster and on-time so that you’ll stay over and above your competition.

Retail Software can simplify inventory management and reduces inventory cost.

  • Instantly show you which items are not moving
  • Show your top 20 sellers
  • Track sales orders and customer service
  • Show how often you sell an item by day, week, month or year
  • Auto creates purchase order based on the past trade
  • Shows specifically over-stocked and under-stocked items.

Retail Software can dramatically reduce book-keeping and accounting work

  • It generates monthly sales tax in seconds
  • It prints monthly statements and ledgers in minutes
  • Updates purchase and sales transactions in receivables and payables
  • Instantly shows, who owes you money
  • Instantly shows, what you owe and when it is due?
  • Maintains a clear audit trail to ease end of the year accounting and reconciliation

Retail Software can enhance your customer’s buying experience and tempt them to come again

  • Speed up checkout and make your customer’s buying experience more enjoyable
  • Instantly view their past purchases
  • Track discounts and schemes for individual customer
  • Deliver order / home deliveries faster
  • Instantly check your customer’s order / service status
  • Generate professional receipts and monthly statements