How to handle cash drawer balancing through Retail Management Software!

Many a times, we have asked people what time do you close your shop? They say actually we close the sale at 8 pm but close the shop by 9.

Why? We need time to do the cash balancing.

Cash drawer balancing seems to be easy at first. It’s only when you actually sit down to do it that you realise that you could use some help. One mistake and you have to start all over again! That’s a real bother.

While there are a number of technologies which can help make our jobs easier, we sometimes don’t trust them enough to actually try them out. Most people find them too complicated to understand. However, in today’s day and age, you have to go with the times. Not being technology savvy can work to your disadvantage.

Retail Management Software helps you to handle your cash when balancing the cash drawer. The cash count always takes place at the end of the day – the time when you are exhausted and tired. In such a state, you can end up making mistakes unintentionally. That’s why it is always a better option to use a Retail Management Software to handle your cash drawer balancing.

A few tips which you can follow when managing your cash by using a Retail Management Software are:

  • Choose the software carefully to suit your needs. If you need the software to record sales according to employees, make sure this facility is available before using the software. It allows an employee to conduct himself or herself in a responsible manner and reduces the errors which can otherwise be made.
  • Make sure that the amount which is given by the customer is entered. This makes the job easier for the employee. It also reduces mistakes while returning the change.
  • When you are managing the cash and balancing it, make sure there are certain rules which are maintained. For instance, rules for handling notes must be established and upheld.
  • Make sure that the cash is kept in an orderly way inside the register drawer. If you keep the drawer messy, you will have problems when it comes to sorting out the notes later.
  • Finally, in order to secure the safety of your money, keep an upper limit for the cash count, above which a trusted person should be given the responsibility to count.

By following these simple guidelines, you can make cash counting an easier job. 

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