Hold the bill – I will just come back

You have already scanned 20 items for a customer and the customer wants you to the transaction till he come back with some more item and there are 2 more customers standing in the queue.
In the FusionRetail POS use these function to handle this kind of scenario

  1. Press the HOLD button or press  “Ctrl + R”
  2. It will ask some input so that you can identify that customer later.
  3. Enter some thing like “blue shirt”
  4. Proceed for the next customer checkout.
  5. Once that customer comes back and asking for two more item to be added in his bill
  6. Just press Retrieve or  press “Ctrl + R”
  7. From the list select the Blue shirt
  8. Scan the items to be added to the bill.
  9. Tender