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USP – Unique Selling Proposition

The term USP or Unique Selling Proposition is frequently used now a days. This is something which helps you stay ahead in the competitive world, something that makes you different from your competitors, be it a product or a service or both.

By following these simple steps you can easily find out what is your (your store’s) USP ?

1. Ask Yourself – You need to find out what you offer to your customers which is different from what your competitors offer. You can also consider your layout including furniture & fixture, interior and exterior decor, product range, services you offer. This is what completely makes you different and why people buy from you.

2. Ask your Customers – Why they are here? They may be here because your store is close to their house, or you are located in a market complex or you actually provide good customer service and support when they need it. Believe me, this is the real practical input that people often overlook.

3. Ask your Team – staff – Ask them what makes them work here. It’s only the pay or the relationship you share with them. Ask them what makes them feel good here. What are your positives and negatives including products and services you offer.

Once you have the complete list, make a summary of top 5 or 10 answers. Now you have something in common and something uncommon. This is what is your USP and what exactly you are looking at.

This USP makes you stay ahead of the competition, makes you the leader. You can also use some phrase or sentence to make a punch line for your store, business or organization. This punch line will help bring down the customer to your door step and ultimately increase your brand value.