Ver. 5.0 Rel. 213.101 Dated 12-Jan-2009

New Development

  1. New Option in POS / POS Return – Print Tax Ledger Name – Y/N.


  1. Sale Order Preview changes. (a) Delivery time added with delivery date. (b) Caption delivery changed to notes. (c) Phone Number of customer added.
  2. Extra line breaks removed from Sale Bill printing after Pay Mode.

Issues Resolved

  1. Runtime Error 5 in Account Setup Screen > rectified
  2. Runtime Error 5 in Configuration -> Database Maintain -> Set Default Screen and Unset Password > rectified
  3. Voucher not opening from Display -> rectified
  4. Lay Bye Transaction – Opening an entry from display was giving error > rectfied
  5. Adv Inventory -> Import -> Physical Stock was not importing from an excel > rectified
  6. After Stock Discrepancy -> Adjust Stock -> data was not transferring in Multi Location >rectified
  7. Inventory -> Physical Stock was not taking quantity from weighing scale barcode input > rectified
  8. Voucher -> Deleting blank row was giving run time error > rectified
  9. Laybye Overdue report showing wrong figures > rectified