Tips to improve your restaurant home delivery service

Keeping pace with the development in the retail industry, one of its major segment i.e. home delivery system is also witnessing a significant growth. Unlike the restaurant, where the visitors come to your outlet, in home delivery service, the work involves rather taking orders on telephone or online. The job of managing such a venture is all the more tiring, if you mean to sit by the telephone ordering the staffs to prepare that, take the invoice, deliver it there, within this time and many such instructions. A Point of Sale software support will be useful for managing such a complex job.

Moreover, we have noticed a trend nowadays that pizzerias such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos etc have come up with policies like ‘delivery ensured within 30 minutes of order or free service’. Do these kinds of offers sound credible if the owner needs to get all the jobs done manually? Not certainly. It is the software support of a Point of Sale that helps a home delivery business feasible. A close watch over the inventory is also inevitable as the ordered pizza or any dish needs to be prepared instantly due to the constraint of time.

Advanced POS comes with integrative support for your monitor, printer and other peripherals. Such POS generally has applications designed for facilitating fast processing of orders, generating invoices, preparing bills, and customizing menu. If your home delivery business has an online presence allowing visitors option to order their food online, customers will place order from their PC or other devices. Customers may also opt for calling over phone. As soon as the POS operator gets the order, he needs to forward the order to the kitchen, prepare the invoice and bill and find out which staff would be sent to deliver the order and even which route would be the shortest to ensure timely delivery. Lets have a look how the POS helps you in managing all these responsibility.

  • The integrated POS helps in processing order, generating a detailed invoice and bill, and reporting the order to the kitchen.
  • It stores customer data such as ordering time, items ordered, customer registration, expected delivery time and others.
  • You have to offer personalized service and here you need to monitor prices for such personalization. Accordingly the home delivery POS allows you to customize price and menu and make sure that the bill and invoice reflects the right amount and details.
  • Moreover, if you are thinking of boosting sale by offering gift cards, or special discounts, the customizability of POS lets you make the necessary changes.

In addition, there are some specifically delivery-oriented POS designed to cover almost all the needs of a food delivery outlet. They work faster even in the pick hours and can process 100 orders within a small time. As you need to send printed orders to the bars, or to kitchen, such delivery-oriented POS allows you to modify order items, change the ingredient of dishes, or even remove some spices if you want. And the time required for such modification is very minimal. Equipped with this software support, you can bring positive changes in your home delivery model.

If the customers are satisfied, your business will thrive.