FusionF&B Food Court

How the Best Food Courts are jammed with shoppers, office workers and lots of teens hanging out after school, Visit frequently and spend more, And How You Can Apply These Practices To Grow Your Business?

Ø  Have you ever wondered why some food courts are jammed by satisfied customers all the time?

Ø  Do you spend more time managing day to day work due to non-availability of skilled staff and high turnover rate in F&B industry?

Ø  Why you never have time to formulate plans for expansion and growth to increase your reach, sales and profits?

Ø  Why the profits (or loss) in your food court just don’t justify you?

Ø  Do you want to know what’s eating into your profits and popularity?

Ø  Is your highly paid staff spending most of his time for managing inventory and reordering?

Ø  Does your staff spend more time in delivering KOT and managing cash instead with guest?

Ø  Are you having nightmare of losing your loyal customers to competition?

Ø  Do you think your food and beverages costs cannot be controlled?

Ø  Are your customers unhappy because of delayed food and receipts?

Ø  Is the audit of manipulated Voids and Discounts making your accountant crazy?

Ø  Are your suppliers getting paid for what they have not supplied?

Ø  Are you wondering how to manage complete database of customers so that promotional SMS and emails can be sent on a click?

Ø  Is your financial accounting system integrated with daily purchases, sales, inventory, payments, receipts, bank accounts, credit cards and other transactions?

“If you are planning to open a Food Court and looking for a software that gives you the control even if you are not there – This is THE ONE”

As a Food Court Owner, there are hundreds of things you could do today that might bring you more customers. But how do you know what to focus on? First and foremost, a food court business requires a Point-Of-Sale (POS) system that is itself quick and reliable.

We have spent more than 6 years testing hundreds of business practices on Food Court and F&B businesses. We have incorporated these practices in the FusionF&B software.

High labor turnover and relatively low computer literacy is common in food court, so it’s critical that your POS system requires little training to operate. FusionF&B Food Court is a cashier & vendor friendly interface that records accurate and legible information, and in the back office, you’ve got total menu, reporting and cash control in a format that guarantees your management decisions will be efficient and timely.

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