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Spa and Salon

The complete software for a spa and full-service salon

RanceLab® for for Spa & Salon


RanceLab is ready-to-use software for Spa and Salon. Whether you own a single outlet or a chain, RanceLab manages your spa and salon operations efficiently. Unlike others, it helps you focus on core-aspects of business and keeps you away from complex day-to-day operations. It empowers you to face the challenges and tough competition from industry leaders.

Personalize your customer experience with RanceLab smart appointment booking. It lets you lock the therapist and stylist according to preference of your customer and allows the receptionist to make quick bookings. Interactive appointment book gives you visual cues of free and busyschedules of therapist which helps eliminates the scope of over-booking as well as under-booking.

Instantly review customer’s list of services taken and pending services. Track and manage staff scheduling, work-plan and attendance. Map services to therapist and stylist. Send birthday and anniversary wishes through automated text (sms) messages. Create filters to slice and dice customers on the basis of high-spenders, new customer, regulars.Transform off-peak hours into happy hours business, have them try new services, or ensure they come back for another visit. Use scheme and promotions to run various promos based on bill or create loyalty programs.Add an extra flavour with seasonal loyalty programs; give extra points on special week days, birthdays and anniversary.

The expiry date control helps you to control the wastage of premium inventory items. It ensures that the customer always gets the fresh inventory and the wastage is eliminated. It also supports store-wise inventory and replenishment management, sales booster loyalty programs with gift coupons, schemes and promotions for up-sell and cross-sell, financial accounts to keep a balance between receivables and payables, payroll and analysis reports to understand and transform according to changing trends.

RanceLab® for Spa & Salonhas following features:

  • Quick Reservation with Appointment Book
  • Integration of Appointment Book with PoS
  • Resource (Service Staff) management
  • Commission & Incentives to Stylist & Therapist
  • Map services to therapists and rooms
  • Book packages and multiple services quickly
  • Automated reminders for appointments
  • Easy capture of customer feedback
  • Customer loyalty program and point generation
  • Graphs and Chart for better analysis
  • Seamless data synchronization within chain
  • Define employee schedules and work-plan
  • Integrate biometric device and automate payroll
  • Manage inventory across the chain
  • Adapt to customer’s buying pattern
  • SMS and Email alerts
  • Receive automated reports on your email
  • Analyse service and product sales
  • Smart replenishment for optimum inventory
  • Integrated financial account
  • Mobile reports
  • Supplier wise sales & stock for effective reorder

Some of Our Customer in Spa and Salon

What customers say about us?

Before installing RanceLab, the outlet was managed manually. We were having a major problem inmaintaining appointments and cash. RanceLab helped us to maintain the business in an organized way.Accurate count of costly ingredients, sale, purchase and cash is within control now.
Mrs. Reema Mondal – Jawed Habibs

It has helped us to streamline the appointments and service activities to avoid no-shows. RanceLab made it possible to manage multiple outlets in different geographies. Accurate inventory count, auto consumption using bill of material gives you complete inventory control.
Mr. Pankaj Killa – Head Turners

RanceLab made it easier to manage service staff right from the time of reservation. It has helped us inmanaging our resources much effectively. SMS integration has helped us to avoid no-shows. Schemesand Promotion and Happy hour pricing helps us to keep our outlets crowded all the time.
Mr. Anil Singh – Loreal Professional Salon

We cater to all age groups, and provide beautification services from head to toe. We are using RanceLab since the inception of our store 6 years back. Generating service cost, managing staffcommissions is just a click away. We are growing and thanks to RanceLab.
Mrs. Naina Badiani – Tress Talk