Fruits and Vegetables Stores

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Fruits and Vegetables Stores

Expiry Date Control and Weighing Scale Integration

RanceLab® for Fruits & Vegetables Stores


RanceLab is ready-to-use software for fruits and vegetables stores, greengrocer and organic food store. Whether you own a single store or a chain of stores, RanceLab manages your retail operations efficiently. Unlike others, it helps you focus on core-aspects of retailing and keeps you away from complex day-to-day operations. It empowers you to face the challenges and tough competition from industry leaders.

RanceLab comes with easy-to-setupweighing scale integration that helps you to make the bills faster and attend more customers in sale time.

The expiry date control helps you to control the wastage of perishable item. It insures that the customer always gets the fresh inventory and the wastage is eliminated. It also supports item classification with multiple UPC / EAN code for each SKU, flexible and unique barcode generation for packed items, efficient point of sale for faster checkout with weighing scale integration, store-wise inventory and replenishment management, sales booster loyalty programs, schemes and promotions for up-sell and cross-sell, financial accounts to keep a balance between receivables and payables, payroll and analysis reports to understand and transform according to changing trends.

RanceLab enables you to analyse the stock age of perishable items, sends alert emails for near-expiry itemsand lets you quickly analyse stock movement in terms of fast, slow and non-moving items.

RanceLab® for Fruits & Vegetables Storeshas following features:

  • Integrated and fast point of sale
  • Integrated payroll and financial account
  • Home Delivery system
  • Hot key for fast moving items like milk and bread
  • Weighing scale integration
  • Sell items by count or weight
  • Repackaging for sugar, rice and pulses
  • Auto-creation of orders from replenishment
  • Customer loyalty program and point generation
  • Graphs and Chart for better analysis
  • Seamless data synchronization within chain
  • Use industry standard UPC, EAN and GS1 barcode
  • User-defined barcode for packed items
  • Multiple UPC/EAN for a single SKU
  • Adapt to customer’s buying pattern
  • SMS and Email alerts
  • Analyse SKU by stock age
  • Track SKU by fast, slow and non-moving
  • Accurate mark up and margin calculation
  • Stock out and No sales report
  • Mobile reports
  • Supplier wise sales & stock for effective reorder

Some of Our Customer in Fruits and Vegetables Stores

What customers say about us?

Managing customers during first and last week of every month is a challenging job. It is very importantfor us to have faster checkout. RanceLab has helped our cashiers do it with ease. Interface of theproduct and so user-friendly and our people just love it. We have recently opened our 6th store and lookforward to have a few more in years to come.
Mr. Yasovardhan Sinha – Aditya’s 9 to 9 Supermarket

We run a chain of supermarket in Bhutan. It is important for a business to verify the local presence of anIT Partner. But if the product is RanceLab, you do not need support at all. We started with our flagshipstore and gradually implemented in all 5 stores. We are happy because our customers are happy and RanceLab enabled us with faster checkout and on-time service.
Mr. B Gurung – 8 Eleven