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Offline Pivot Report

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Saving Pivot Report Data to use it offline (when database is not available).

Sometimes you might need to work with the Pivot Report when no connection to the database exists.

Whenever a connection to the database exists, It's possible to save the Pivot Reports data and layout to a compressed file and use it later when the connection isn't available.

FusionERP 8 saves any Pivot Grid Report's current data to a file to a desired folder for later use. This action saves all the original data together with the full layout, including appearance. The saved data is compressed to reduce the size of the resultant file.

Why I need this?


Sometime you might need to work with the Pivot Reports with a saved view, without generating the pivot report again.
Or you might want to copy the report to your laptop so that you can work with the reports while you are traveling.


How it works?


Saving the Pivot Report:

1.Open any Pivot Report
2.Press “-S Save File”
3.Now provide the location and name of the file and save.

Loading the saved Pivot report:

1.Go to the Main Screen
2.Press”-F8 Load File” button.
3.Browse to the location where you already saved the data file and select that file. This will open the saved data from desired path based on selection and automatically restores the layout portion from the specified file and loads the saved data. After the data has been restored, you can manipulate the Pivot Report's layout, sort and filter data, etc.

Note: The other features will be same as normal Pivot Report (e.g. ALT + F11 à Show Chart). When the user selects some data in the Pivot Report, then the chart will be generated automatically depending on the selected data.