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Date Concept

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Uses of Date (F2) Function


Voucher Date :  Press F2 on any transaction voucher to change the date. You can also choose to make enter in post and back days depending on your user rights.

Reports Date Range : Press F2 only reports to enter the date range.


       Key Information


FusionERP 8 takes it date from the main computer (database server).


It DOES NOT take client computer date.


Financial Year : On selection of a company, the Financial Year  as per the system date (in server) is opened by default
Current Period : You may set the current period by "-F2 Date Range" button (Alt+F2) by entering the Start & End date (both inclusive) of the period. You cannot enter a date beyond the current period set in any voucher or report period.
Current Date : You may set the current date by F2 : Date button. The next date is set by current date by default, which you may change. For example, if the current date is 2 Feb, on pressing F2, the current date is auto set as 3 Feb. However, you may set any date by changing it.
Default Current Date : During voucher entry, by default, the current date is set as voucher date.
Current month Date entry : While entering Date in any date field , if no month is specified (e.g only 10 is typed at date field), the last month year selected will be auto carried by default in Date field. This a very fast method of entering Date within the current month
Default Report Date : While printing any report, the report period last set is carried by default
Delimiters in Date field : You may use any of the separator – Comma (,), period (.), front slash (/) or hyphen (-) a separator for day, month and Year portion (e.g 11-08-2009, 11-8-2009, 11.8.2009, 11/8/09 or even a combination like 11.8-2009.