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Stock Aging

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Helps you to identifying the age of each individual item in days range as well as actual age.

Displays list of items in different age brackets for broad analysis as well as actual age for finer analysis along with date of purchase.


Buttons in the Stock Aging:

Buttons in Stock Aging are explained in Using Reports (Register). Buttons specific to the report are discussed here:

-O Option

Press ALT + O or click this button to open Stock Aging option.

-U Alt Qty

Press ALT + U or click this button to see report as per Alternate Unit and Quantity.

^U Actual Qty

Press CTRL + U or click this button to see report as per Actual Unit and Quantity.

^D Item Detail

Press CTRL + D or click this button to see item child wise stock report.

^S Item Summary

Press CTRL + S or click this button to see item wise stock report after summarize child quantity and amount.

^T Transfer

Press CTRL + T or click this button to copy the selected entry row as a whole to Stock Transfer Voucher. This will work only in Item Child Wise Report, if a particular Location and Warehouse is selected. In the following cases the button will not work:

Item Summary Report.
Combined Location Report.
Combined Warehouse Report.



You may select and copy one or more item entry row.

^B Barcode

Press CTRL + B or click this button to print bar-code for selected transactions or item entry rows. This will work in Item Child Wise Report only.  You can select one or more rows and print them together.

^E Set Age

Press CTRL + E or click this button to set the age or range of periods.

For more detail please visit:

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