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Printing Barcode Labels

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It ask to print barcode after saving the following transactions

You can print the barcode labels from the following transactions.

Opening (Inventory)
Purchase Order

You need to take the following steps in order to print barcode

1.Load the windows printer driver : Select the appropriate printer driver as per your printer Model No. Normally it comes in a CD with the barcode printer or you can download from the manufactures website. Use simple printer installation method
2.Define the format files in the Print Option : Format Files = Define the required format (design) file. You can choose multiple format files. Use Barcode Label Designer if you need to alter the format file
3.Transaction Option: "Auto Print Barcode = Yes / No / Ask" : Depending on the answer it will ask  to print the barcode when you save the transaction, If you choose yes it will print without asking and choosing No will not print barcode
4.Product Master: Field "Print Barcode = Yes" : Do not forget to choose yes to this field in product master other wise barcode will not be printed