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Food Costing

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Food Costing report is based on Sales and Stock Journal entries. In example below, 20 glasses of Lassi was produced and 5 glasses of Lassi were sold.

When you further expand this report, it will display ingredient’s quantity and cost information as defined in recipe.

There are two methods of viewing food costing i.e., based on Total Sales and based on Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

Columns in the Food Costing Report:

Columns in the Food Costing Report are as follows:

Menu Item

Shows name of the menu item.


Shows total number of units produced.

Overhead %

Shows % of overhead charges for production as per recipe.

Cost of Production

Shows total item cost as per recipe / purchase.


Shows single unit cost of production (Item Cost / Produced)

Sale Qty

Shows total sold quantity of the item.

Sale Value

Shows total sale amount.


Cost of Goods Sold. Cost / Portion X Sale Qty (If click -S COGS button). Cost / Portion X Produced (if click -T Total Cost button).

Item Profit

Shows total item profit.


Shows markup % = [(Sale Price - Cost Price) / Cost Price]  x 100).


Shows margin % = [(Sale Price - Cost Price) / Sale Price)] x 100.

Food Cost

Shows total food cost.



Food Costing will be based on Last Rate / Consumption Average set at "Calculate Cost on" field in the Product Recipe (BOM) or Bill of Materials.
Food Costing will be excluded of Wastage, Excess and Shortage entered in the Stock Journal.
Semi Finished products used in the recipe will not be shown here instead the raw materials to produce the Semi Finished will be shown.


Buttons in the Food Costing Report:

Buttons are explained in Using Reports (Register). Buttons specific to “Food Costing Report” are discussed here:


Show report as per Cost of Goods Sold.

Calculating formula for Food Cost = {(Sales Qty) * (Cost per Item)} * 100 / Sales Value.

-T Total Cost

Show report as per Cost of Total Goods both sold and unsold.

Calculating formula for Food Cost = Total Cost * 100 / Sales Value.