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Data Migration from FusionRetail Version 5

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Start -> Program -> FusionRetail 6 -> FusionRetail6 DataMigrationTool


Important Notes:

1. This tool is used to migrate the data of FusionRetail 5 to FusionRetail 6.

2. This tool is NOT required for migration of FusionRetail 6 data to FusionERP 8. The migration is done automatically.



This tool will help you to upgrade your exiting database of FusionRetail 5 to FusionRetail 6.


       Key Information

We recommend you to close FusionERP 5 application on all computers before you run this process.

Please ensure your FusionERP 5 version should be equal to or higher than


DataMigrationTool wizard will start that will guide you through rest of migration process.

Click “Next” to proceed. Specify the settings as described in table below


Select the database server from the drop down list.

Authentication Type

Select the authentication type. Choose “SQL Server”

User Name

Specify user name. Default “sa”


Specify password. Default blank

From FR5 DB

Select the FusionERP 5 database from the drop down list.

To New FR8 DB

Specify new database name

Click on “Would you like to use an Automatic Process?” This will enable wizard to upgrade database automatically without asking any further questions.

Specify settings correctly as shown in picture below and click “Next”

You will be prompted to update your FusionERP 5 to release 215.103 in case you’re running a lower version.

Please note, you have to restart the whole process by updating FusionERP 5 to specified version to continue.


After all the settings are specified, migration process will begin. (as shown in picture below)

Click “Migrate” to begin

After successful completion of data migration following screen will be displayed.

After the migration is complete, the two files mentioned below are generated in the folder containing the migration tool.

migration.err – is generated if there are any errors during the migration process.

You can also print a Migration Report which provides you with the following details:

 Date of Migration
 Migration start and end time
Time taken to migrate from FusionERP Version 5 to Version 6.