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Birthday and Anniversary List

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This report shows the list of Customer and their Birthdays (only those customers whose Birth Date has been entered.


Buttons in the Birthday and Anniversary List:

Buttons are explained in Using Reports (Register). Buttons specific to “Birthday and Anniversary List” are discussed here:

-S Statement

Print transaction statement of the selected customer for the given date range.

-O Option

Set  Birthday and Anniversary List Report Option:

Format File

Press <enter> and select the format file of the Customer Statement from the list.

-A Barcode

Press ALT + A to print Customer Bar-Code. You can select one or more rows and print them together.

^B Barcode Dgn

To design Customer Bar-Code.

-L Type

Anniversary Day: Shows customers having anniversary for the given date range.
Birthday: Shows customers having birthday for the given date range.
Both: Shows both customers having birthday and anniversary for the given date range.