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Activating Service Mode

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Activating Service Mode to notify the kitchen:


Requirement:  If you want to notify the required service mode to the kitchen. The following example show the service Mode is printer on TOP of KOT, Coupon and Receipt.

For example, one of the following will be printed on top of Coupon or KOT

a)** Dine In **: So that the kitchen can deliver the order for dine in.
b)** Take Out **: So that the food can be packed and sent to take away counter.
c)** Home Delivery **: So that the order can be packed and given to the driver counter.
d)None:  If none – it will not print.

To implement Delivery Mode:
1.From main go to the Service Mode (M > F >  S)
2.Press ALT + D to display the available service modes.
3.You can create new or deactivate an existing service mode.
4.Now from main go to Sale Transaction Option (S > T > S and Press ALT + O)
5.Set  “Ask for Service Mode = Yes “ (Default is No)
6.Now in the Order Screen at Sale Invoice (Touch POS)
7.At this time a list will pop up to select one of the service modes.
8.Choose any press OK
9.The selection is saved to be printed on the KOT, Coupon and Receipt.
10.It will be printed above the description -  item – rate line (the detail header line).
11.Service Mode list can be used using the button “F4 Service Mode” available in 2nd page of buttons on order screen.
12.You can use this button at any point of time to change the selection done earlier.


Note: This will not be displayed on the orange information bar.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it ask for forced question at end every time I take order?

No. This will ask this only for first time. It will not ask this question during modification.

I am using table mode and customer (already dining in with running order) has given a order for a item to be packed. How do I inform the kitchen?

Use modifier ** For Delivery ** along with that Item. Kitchen staff sees this and pack the food for delivery. Now you can handover this to customer while he is leaving.

How to charge for the packing material I use to pack the item for delivery?

You can define the sale price in the product master while you are creating a modifier.