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Restaurant Schemes & Promotions


Scheme and Promotion produce very pronounced effects to restaurant business. It is indisputable that Scheme and Promotion offers for restaurants provide a series of benefits which other forms of marketing communications cannot duplicate.

  • Date Range for single, multiple or all week days
  • Time Range for single, multiple or all week days (Happy Hour Pricing)
  • Product – single, multiple or all products
  • Location – single, multiple or all locations (chain of outlets)

RanceLab® FusionResto offers a bouquet of scheme and promotion fairly customizable to suite your business needs. It is set on

Buy X, Get Y

Using this method helps you to set a discounted price for quantities of an item, purchased with a specified number of an item.


  • BOGOF "Buy 1, get 1 free"
  • Get a Large Pizza worth Rs. 450 with every purchase of selected Items
  • Buy any Beer and get the second one at 25 per cent discount
  • Buy 2 Kingfisher Ultra and get 1 Kingfisher at 50% off
  • Buy 2 Budweiser and GET 1 Budweiser Free


Mix and Match: Unit Price

You can use this method when all the discounted items share the same price. This type of discount sets different unit prices for each purchase quantity. In this option you can specify the Discount as per quantity of products.


  • Any 3 Blenders Pride for Rs. 999
  • Buy 2 Black Label for Rs. 575 Each and Buy 3 Black Label for Rs. 399 Each


Mix and Match: Percent Off

You can use this method when the discounted items have different prices. This type of discount sets a different percentage off the regular price of each item for each purchase quantity.


  • Buy 2 Beers at 10% off
  • Buy 3 Rum at Rs. 15% off


Bill Discount

You can use this method to set a discount on the entire bill based on the value of the bill.


  • Buy products worth Rs.1000 and get 10% discount
  • Buy products worth Rs.600 and get discount of Rs.100


Coupon (Cross Promotion)

Use this method to print a coupon based on the item. This is used for the cross promotion with other outlets.


  • Buy 4 Teachers Whisky and get one Ray-Ban sunglasses free
  • Buy 2 kids Scoop Ice-cream and get a candy coupon free


Combo Offer
Increases per person check average

With FusionResto, you can up-sale and cross-sale your menu items. It helps you to achieve a higher PPC rate (per-person-check-average or average amount per person). The guest is also satisfied as they would be getting more value for the money spent.

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Our restaurants, Mocambo and Peter Cat, are frequently visited by the celebrities. This requires a great deal of customer service. FusionResto help us to speed up the customer service by providing fast and accurate billing.
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