What is GST?

With the incoming Goods & Services Tax (GST), the face of the indirect taxation regime in the country will get largely simplified and pave the way for a more robust economy.

The big bang reform looks to subsume into a single unified tax, several state levied taxes like the value added tax, entertainment tax, sales tax, service tax, purchase tax etc. This will have its own implications for the Restaurants and other F&B businesses.

Simplify your transition to GST

with FusionResto

In sync with the current changes proposed by GST, we have configured our Restaurant Billing Software FusionResto into a GST enabled Restaurant Software. It works great with any form of an F&B business, be it a single outlet or even a chain of restaurants, bakeries or cafe.

Extremely simple, efficient and powerful, FusionResto will enable quick and accurate calculation of GST levied taxable amount for customers. You can concentrate entirely on your operations being assured of the billing and reports being taken care of by our software.

Restaurant Management Software with GST enabled features to incorporate GST in your restaurant

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Our restaurants, Mocambo and Peter Cat, are frequently visited by the celebrities. This requires a great deal of customer service. FusionResto help us to speed up the customer service by providing fast and accurate billing.
Nitin Kothari - Peter Cat



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