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Food Court Software
Card, Coupon and Weighing Scale

Food Court Software

The RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 software is a ready to use software for food court, fast food joints and sweet shop. It is preferred by leading brands in F&B like Haldirams, Gangurams, Bikaji, Madhulika Sweets, Bikano and more. It is accredited by successful owners and managers of profitable food courts and sweet shops across India.

RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 offers fully integrated Accounting System that keeps track of Tenants (food shops). It provides support for Integration of multiple food courts at different location to Head Quarter. Use Magnetic, Bar-coded or Smart Card or even use Coupons. Touch Screen or Mouse based POS interface for fastest implementation.

RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 Food Court System has following features:

  • Weighing Scale integration for smooth billing
  • Supports multiple format of Food Courts (Prepaid Card or Coupon based)
  • Choice of prepaid card; bar-coded, magnetic or smart card
  • Suitable for Food Court Owners as well as Food Court Tenants
  • Faster than Cash Register and Easier than other solution
  • User defined product codes for Cash Register like entry
  • Touch Screen based KOT and Billing
  • User defined Menu and Modifier with Today's Special
  • Tag each item with photo for easy identification
  • Add modifiers like "Less Spicy", "No Onion" and "Make it 1 by 2"
  • Reorder, move table and move items
  • Single order can be distributed to multiple kitchen and bar
  • Print Manager that responds if a KOT is not printed
  • Redirect all printing to nearby working printer
  • Secure Void function control
  • Strict control on raw material supply and payment
  • Recipe management with Production
  • Physical Stock taking and Variance reporting
  • Food Costing and Menu Engineering
  • Rate Contract / Price List for monthly supplies
  • Pre-defined customer discount and happy hour pricing
  • Improved service and Reduced labor costs
  • SMS integration for quick update on card usage
  • Graphical reports for better Analysis