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The Main Working Area

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This is the large area on the right below the Header Information Bar. In this area  the menu, masters and transactions are shown.

You will spend most of your time working with software here. This area is will show you the menu, masters, options and all the transactions.

The Login Screen

This is the first screen you get to see when you start FusionERP 8.

You can also use other login screen called "Touch Mode". To select touch mode use "-T Touch Mode"

You will see the following screen in touch mode. You can swipe you card or enter password using the touch screen monitor. Please note this also works with normal keyboard.

Note : You can always revert back to normal mode using "-N Normal Mode". The selection is auto saved and will be used during you next login.

The Menu

Once you login to the system you will be presented with the menu screen.

You can navigate using mouse and keyboard seamlessly. To select a menu press enter and to exit just press esc key.

In most of the menu you will have the following submenu's

Transactions: This submenu lists the related transaction to the main menu.
Reports: This submenu lists the related reports to the main menu.
Analysis Reports: This submenu lists all the related analysis report
Exit: Exit will take you back to the respective main menu.

For example: Sales Management menu have the following submenu's





Analysis Tools




A Typical Master Screen


This is a product master screen. You can add , modify and display the master.


A Typical Transaction Screen

This is a typical sale(POS) screen. Likewise you have Purchase, Purchase Return, Sale Return, Order and Voucher Screens.

For more detail please see the related topics.

A Typical Report Screen

This is a typical sale report.

For more detail please see the related topics.