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FAQ for User Upgrading from FusionRetail 5

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During Migration


How to upgrade from FusionRetail 5 to FusionERP 8
Step 1: Please upgrade FusionRetail 5 to FusionRetail 6 release 8.22 using data migration tool.
Step 2: Upgradation of FusionRetail 6 to FusionERP is straight forward. Just install FusionERP 8 on the same folder and run.
Which Data is not migrated from FusionRetail 5 to FusionRetail 6?
Customer Card type
How the voucher number using daily numbering will be migrated ?

If you are using daily numbering, then during migration a unique identifier is added to it to prevent duplicate memo numbers.

What if migration process is closed abnormally in between the process ?

You  have to run data migration tool again.

What steps have to take as preventive measure before running the data migration tool ?
Upgrade FusionERP 5 to version or higher
If you maintain financial accounts then you must transfer data to accounts before upgrade
Run Database Maintenance
What is the procedure of Multi-location data migration?
1.Other branch location data export to Root (HO) location.
2.After export, Branch location data and Root (HO) location data should be matched.
3.Migration Process Run At Root (HO) location by using Data migration tool.
4.After Complete the Migration Process, Set the link information and then Create Branch Database from location master at Root(HO) location.
5.Restore the Branch Database at Branch Location.
Can I use FusionRetail 5 while Migration Process is running?

No. You should not use FusionERP 5 while Migration Process is running?.

Can I Migrate only one year data of FR5 to FR6?

No. Migration is not date specific. It will migrate the complete data.

Note : If you wish to migrate the data of a specific period (date range)  then you need to split the fr5 data for that particular range.


Post Migration

Migration is successful – now what I have to do?

After completion of migration process

Just Start FusionRetail6
Login and then go through
the Activation process
How to handle the Credit Note of Branch Location?

Branch Location : Credit Note to be entered manually as journal voucher with new reference number as OLD CREDIT note number to identify them at POS


By Credit Note Issues Dr. Rs.12,840/-
To Credit Note Iuused Cr. Rs.12,840/-

 New Referance : ADM/Mar/01/01 Rs.840/- CR.

 New Referance : ADM/Mar/01/05 Rs.2000/- CR.

 New Referance : ADM/Mar/01/122 Rs.10000/- CR.

What are the post-migration reports and activities?

Due to differences in some of the base concepts and the data structure between version 5 and version 6, some of the activities have to be re-done in FR8.

1.Designation needs to be created and attached to user
2.Printers and Station needs to be created
3.KOT printer needs to redefine after migration
4.All the option needs to be defined and checked
5.Credit Note and Due From Customers outstanding memo number in FR5 will be transferred as is to FR8, so that discrepancy with numbers will not be raised
6.If you was using daily numbering of voucher in FR5 , You may encounter duplicate memo number for which FR8 will add a unique identifier to it
7.Customize List Editor Setup (e.g. product list at sale and purchase)