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FAQ for Reinstallation

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How to restore the data?

Use the restore option of the database manager to restore the database. For more info on using the database manager please see Setting up the Database.

Note : Database Manager starts automatically if the config file FusionERP.exe.config is not found in the installation folder.

Delete / Remove / Rename this file if you want to manually start the Database Manager.


FAQ : Reinstallation

I want to format my main computer. What should I do to take backup of FusionERP 8 Data.
1.Note the Computer Name by pressing Alt + F9 (About FusionERP 8 Screen)
2.Take Backup on CD (or any other backup media) from Main > Settings > Database Maintenance  > Backup Database
3.Format the computer and reload the OS and antivirus.
4.Give the same old name to computer (noted in step 1)
5.Install FusionERP 8 along with SQL Server
6.Restore the backup using Restoring the Database
I need to format the client computer. What should I do?
1.Take a note of the database server name and database name by pressing Alt + F9 (About FusionERP 8 Screen)
2.Also note the station name
3.Take a note of OPOS devices (if any) and find the drivers for them
4.Take a note of barcode printer (if any) and find the drivers for them
5.Format the computer
6.Install OPOS drivers (if any)  and check health
7.Install barcode printer drivers (if any)
8.Install FusionERP 8 from the installer (no need to install SQL)
9.Provide the information noted in step 1 and 2 during database setup
The Backup ZIP file is not opening? How do I unzip the backup file?

You can unzip the backup file using one of the following  method

1.Use WinRAR or 7 ZIP (Free) to open the file.
2.Use the Windows > Right Click > Open with Compressed (zipped) Folder function.

For more information see this : Backup Database Section How to unzip the backup file?

How do I run the database Manager Manually?

Do the following if you want to run the database manager manually

Remove / Rename the FusionERP.exe.config file found in the installation folder.