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Working with Transactions
Creating New Transaction
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Printing Barcode Labels
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Using Reports
Using Reports (Display)
Using Reports (Register)
Using Reports (Pivot)
Variation, Rank and Contribution
Offline Pivot Report
Using Filters & Grouping
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Reports with Chart
Printing Reports
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Implementation Guide
Implementation Guide: Restaurant
Implementation Guide: Spa & Salon
Implementation Guide: Club and Amusement Park
Implementation Guide: Retail Grocery
Implementation Guide: Beer Bar
Implementation Guide: Sweet Shop
Implementation Guide: Property Management
Purchase Management
Purchase Order
Purchase Challan (Receipt Note)
Rejection Out
Purchase Invoice
Purchase Return (Debit Note)
Purchase Order Register
Purchase Challan Register
Rejection Out Register
Purchase Register
Purchase Return Register
Analysis Tools
Periodical Purchase
Top Purchase Items
Classified Top Purchase
Sales Management
Sales Order
Sale Challan (Delivery Note)
Rejection In
Sale Invoice (Scan POS)
Credit Sale Invoice
Invoice against a Sales Order
Home Delivery Order Entry (Scan POS)
Sale Invoice (Touch POS)
Orders Entry for a Table
Displaying the Transactions (F&B)
Tender (Finishing a Order)
Print Manager
Printing Multiple KOT from Single Printer
Activating Service Mode
Home Delivery Order Entry (Touch POS)
KOT Numbering System
Linking Sales Processes using Bill, KOT and Coupon
Sales Return (Credit Note)
Prepaid Card Transaction
Generating Cards for Prepaid Use
Making the Sale against Prepaid Card
Prepaid FAQ and Concepts
Setting up Prepaid and Post-paid Card Together
Reservations (SPA)
Walk Ins
Dispatch Home Delivery
Day Close
Sales Order Register
Sale Challan Register
Rejection In Register
Sales Register
Sales Return Register
Day End Report
Day Audit Report
Walk-In Conversion
Cash Drawer Balancing
Day Close Report
Analysis Tools
Periodical Sales
Top Sold Items
Classified Top Sales
Sales (Day/Time)
Sales By Type (Sales Analysis)
Sales MOP Analysis
Customer Wise Sales
Warehouse Management
Stock Transfer Indent
Work Order
Stock Transfer
Stock Journal
Physical Stock Taking
Auto Stock Journal
Rate Change
Stock Ledger
Stock Statement
Supplier Wise Stock Report
Work Order
Stock Transfer Indent Register
Transfer Register
Stock Journal Register
Opening Stock Register
Physical Stock Report
Stock Discrepancy Report
Reports (F&B)
KOT Analysis
Void Item Analysis
Variance Report
Length of Seating
Menu Engineering
Food Costing
Work Order Analysis
Analysis Tools
Stock Movement
Stock Replenishment Report
Inventory Margin Mix
No Stock Report
No Sale Report
Price Point Report
Product Expiry Report
Stock Aging
Dash Board
Container Stock Report
Financial Management
Accounting Transactions
Voucher Entry
Daily Transaction Sheet
Bank Book
Cash Book
Ledger Report
Group of Ledger
Day Book
Journal Book
Trial Balance
Profit & Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Tax Register
Cost Center Report
Budget Variance Report
Analysis Tools
Ratio Analysis
Bills Receivable
Bills Payable
Outstanding (Ledger)
Outstanding (Group)
Ledger Balance (Location Wise)
Periodical Report (Location)
Periodical Report (Ledger)
Cash Flow
Customer Relationship
Redeem Points
Setting up Loyalty Points based on Products
Customer Feedback
Customer Information
Birthday and Anniversary List
Customer List
Poll & Survey Management
Post Master
Poll Master
Poll Officer Screen
Voters Screen
Pre Poll Report
Post Poll Report
Customer Service
Received from Customer
Issue to Jobber
Received from Jobber
Issue to Customer
Received from Customer
Issue to Jobber
Received from Jobber
Issue to Customer
Attendance Voucher
Payroll Voucher
Daily Attendance
Pay Sheet
Attendance Sheet
Daily Attendance Sheet
Employee Commission Report
Employee Report
Employee Sales Vs Target Report
Employee Efficiency Comparison
Employee Vs Sales Report
Employee Schedule Report
Property Management
Room Status
Room Booking
POS and Minibar Billing
Minibar Billing
Room Service Billing
Spa & Saloon Billing
Travel Desk
House Keeping
Night Audit
Check-in, Check-out and Night Audit Policy
Reservation List
Check-out List
Check-in List
No Show Report
Cancellation Report
Void Report
Tariff Chart
Guest In House List
Night Audit Report
Add-on List
Daily Room Revenue List
Deposit List
House Keeping Report
Room Block Report
Analysis Tools
Reservation Summary
Occupancy History
Guest Count by Type
Room Availability by Type
Quick View
Room Performance Report
Manager Daily Report
Acc Receipt
Master Data Management
Account Ledger
Cost Center Master
Tax Master
Voucher Type
Voucher Options
Sale Challan Transaction Option
Rejection In Transaction Option
Sales Transaction Option
Sales Return Transaction Option
Sales Order Transaction option
Purchase Challan Transaction Option
Rejection Out Transaction Option
Purchase Transaction Option
Purchase Return Transaction Option
Purchase Order Transaction Option
Physical Stock Transaction Option
Opening Stock Transaction Option
Stock Transfer Indent Transaction Option
Stock Transfer Transaction Option
Stock Journal Transaction Option
Received from Customer Transaction Option
Issue to Jobber Transaction Option
Received from Jobber Transaction Option
Issue to Customer Transaction Option
Rate Change Voucher Option
Prepaid Transaction Option
Receipt Transaction Option
Payment Transaction Option
Contra Transaction Option
Journal Transaction option
Opening Balance Transaction Option
Printing Options (Windows and POS)
Sale Challan (Win) Print Option
Sale Challan (POS) Print Option
Rejection In (Win) Print Option
Rejection In (POS) Print Option
Sale (Win) Print Option
Sale (POS) Print Option
Sale Return (Win)  Print Option
Sale Return (POS) Print Option
Sale Order (Win) Print Option
Sale Order (POS) Print Option
Purchase Challan (Win) Print Option
Rejection Out (Win) Print Option
Purchase Order (Win) Print Option
Purchase (Win) Print Option
Purchase (POS) Print Option
Purchase Return (Win) Print Option
Opening Stock (Win) Print Option
Stock Journal (Win) Print Option
Stock Transfer Indent (Win) Print Option
Stock Transfer (Win) Print Option
Stock Transfer (POS) Print Option
Physical Stock (Win) Print Option
Received from Customer Printing Option
Issue to Jobber Printing Option
Received from Jobber Printing Option
Issue to Customer Printing Option
Rate Change (Win) Print Option
Prepaid (POS) Print Option
Receipt Print Option
Payment Print Option
Contra Print Option
Journal Print Option
Opening Ledger Print Option
Mode of Payment
Closing Stock
Charges Master
Budget Master
Product Management
Inventory Structure
Concept of Negative Stock
Product Code & Barcode
Linking with Financial Accounting
Maintaining Inventory without Product Child ID
Matrix List
Scheme & Promotion
Price List
Discount Coupon
Gift Voucher
Bill of Materials
Warehouse Master
Location Master
Data Sending Rule
Link Information
City Master
State Master
Country Master
Multi Location Concept
Opening Stock
Container Master
Table Setup
Menu Management
Sub Menu
Forced Questions
Cancellation Reasons
Modifier Management
Sub Modifier
Product Recipe (BOM)
Service Block
Combo Master
Service Mode
Seat Master
Resource Master
Customer Master
Sales Person
User Setup
Designation Setup
Team Master
Employee Master
Attendance Type Master
Pay Head Master
Overtime & Production
Statutory Deduction
General Deduction
Salary Structure
Work Plan
Employee Schedule
Skill Master
Property Management
Room Master
Room Type Master
Rate Card Master
Inclusion / Add-ons
Season Master
Cancellation Policy Master
Reservation Policy Master
No Show Policy Master
Application Settings
Regional Setting
Units of Measure
Station Setup
OPOS Technology: Introduction
Retail Outlet : Typical Station and OPOS Setup
F&B Outlet : Typical Station and OPOS Setup
Dos Mode Barcode
DOS Barcode Design
List Editor
Global Option
Number Code
User Defined Fields
Button Reorganize
Festival Master
SMS and Email Settings
SMS Gateway
SMS Scheduler
Business Alert
Email Scheduler
Customized SMS
IPBX Setting
End-User License Agreement (EULA)
Import & Export
Import Data
Import Data (Auto)
Export Data
Export Data to Tally
Settings in FusionRetail
Configure Tally
FAQ Export Data to Tally
Export Link Settings
Import Link Settings
Database Maintenance
Backup Database
Optimize Database
Query DB
Rebuild Indexes
Split Database
Update Tax
System Reports
Audit Report
Activity Report
Error Log
Message Log
Sync Log
Multi Location Data Status
Data Summary
Logged User Report
System Diagnostics
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