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Linking with Financial Accounting

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Linking Products with Financial Accounting Vouchers

By default the system records the sale and purchase against single sale or purchase ledger. You might need to record the sale or purchase accounting entry in different ledger based on the inventory item.

For example in PMS, you might need to record the restaurant billing, laundry, gift shop item, car rent and banquet booking in different accounting ledgers.

How it works?

Accounting entry will be recorded to the respective ledgers defined in product master based (Qty * Sale Rate) - Discount + Other Charges.
If some products are not mapped with accounting ledger then the sale amount is posted in sale ledger defined in the voucher option.
In Sale Invoice Touch (POS), Sale Ledger of modifier and forced question will be the ledger of main Item.  If a modifier is used independently then ledger of the modifier product is used.
If you modify old vouchers then it will record accounting entry based on current ledgers mapped in product master.