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Why FusionERP 8?

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FusionERP 8 is multi-location retail software with virtually no limits on location, ledgers, items SKUs, departments, cost centers, and transactions you enter.

Save time


FusionERP 8 helps you to create better system quicker. Despite its power the user interface and work flow are amazingly intuitive.

Save money


Robust and efficient system with smartest retail techniques saves money.

Concentrate on your work


With FusionERP 8's easy-to-use and fast-to-learn user interface, all the technical details are handled in the background by the program. What you see is what you get and what you get is what you need.

Work in a team


With FusionERP 8 you and your co-workers can all work on the same time. Just enter the data and FusionERP saves it on server where all team members can access it and get to work. FusionERP 8 makes sure that you do not have to duplicate the work.

Highly Scalable


You can use FusionERP in three ways: run it independently on a single system placed in your outlet, use it on multiple network computers in single outlet or use it across multiple outlets

Experience the Power of Modular System


FusionERP is an independent and selective modular solution. Starting with FusionERP  Inventory module you can later add other modules at your own pace. All the relevant data becomes online immediately on installation and need not be entered again.

Use Extensive range of Hardware


FusionERP works with wide range of POS hardware from barcode printers, barcode scanner (CCD, laser, flat bed and bluetooth), RFID, data capturing units, standard dot matrix printers to fast and efficient thermal receipt printers, electronic cash drawers, customer display, magnetic card readers, touch screens and electronic weighing scales.

Security & Zoom In


FusionERP has multiple levels of robust security and zoom-in facility.

Effective Solution


Whether you're operating a single store or multi outlets, your goal is to effectively manage stock, cost and profitability. You do that by recording day-to-day transaction, i.e Purchase, Sales, Expenses, Customers Detail, Credit Card Transaction, Banking etc.

FusionERP helps you to do all of that by easy and error free data entry. The reports are easy to use and very fast. The series of reports help you understand the Categorization, Non Moving, High Moving and Stock Levels.

In short, if you know retail information flow, you're on your way to creating robust retail information system. Let FusionERP free you from complex day-to-day work so you can focus on growing.Don't believe it? Give it a try with FusionERP 8...