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Using Filters & Grouping

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FusionERP 8 offers wide range of user friendly tools to enable you to customize report data, display columns, grouping and sorting.

Using these tools you will create a robust report system for your organization.

Right Click

Use right mouse click (on header area) to display customization option in a drop down menu.

Function in drop down menu

Sort Ascending

Sorts the data in ascending mode.

Sort Descending

Sorts the data in descending mode.

Group By This Column

Group the data on the basis of column selected.

Group By Box

Displays Group by Box.

Column Chooser

Displays a list of Columns to choose from.

Best Fit

Best Fit column to screen.

Filter Editor

Displays filter editor for query on data.

Best Fit (all columns)

Best Fit all displayed columns.

Group By This Column

Right click on any column header and choose “Group By This Column” option to group displayed data on the basis of selected column

Group By Box

Right click on any column header and choose “Group By Box” display it (as shown in picture below)

Drag and Drop any column to “Group By Box” area (customer column as shown in picture below)

Report is now grouped by Customer

You can drag more columns to “Group By Box” area to change the grouping.

You can further change column position, over or under, other columns in Group By Box (as shown in picture below)

Column Chooser

Right click any column header and choose “Column Chooser” (as shown in picture below)

List of related columns will be displayed

You can drag any column from the list to “Group By Box” area or “Header” area.


Filter Editor

Right click on any column header and choose “Filter Editor” (as shown in picture below)

For administrative decisions, you can make your report compact by adding filter conditions on single, multiple or all displayed columns.

To add filter conditions, click "+" sign at the top.

There are two operators in Filter Editor

1. AND = Use "AND" operator when you want to display report that matches all filter criteria.

2. OR = Use "OR" operator when you want to display report that matches any filter criteria.

Filter editor displays different items in different colors. They are:

1. Blue colored items denotes database fields for displayed report

2. Green colored items denotes filter conditions like Equal to, Greater than, Less than and Is between

3. Black colored items denotes filter criteria

Further, if you want to filter the report by comparing two fields click on pen like sign next to filter criteria. This will open field list instead of data values.

Example: You want to see the records of Customers whose points are above 50.

After you click on “Filter Editor” a box with conditions will appear (as shown in picture below). Depending upon column type (String, Number or Date) various conditions will be displayed.

You can “Choose Column”, “Select Condition” and “Specify Criteria”

Like “[CRM Point]”, “Is greater than”, “50”

Click on OK to apply the filter. Report will be displayed (as shown in picture below)

Filtering Report: Using Smart Search Ctrl + F

To active / deactivate smart search press CTRL + F together. Whenever you will press CTRL + F you will find a blank box under every column header. Type your search criteria here to filter the data.


For example we need to find the customer having the name starting with ANIL


Add % symbol in the start of your search keyword and If you want to find a report which have the required text in the middle (it does not start with).


For example if you want to find all the customer name containing KHAN

Auto Filter

Auto Filter helps you to filter the data with a great speed and less effort (like auto filter in excel). After opening any Report (like purchase register, sale Register etc.) you can filter data with auto filter option.

In FusionERP 8 you can apply Auto Filter in two ways.

1.By clicking the Auto Filter Button
2.By Pressing CTRL + F

In every Report an Auto Filter icon is present in the upper right side corner of every column,
Click on the Auto Filter button of the column you want to filter
A drop down list appears with all the possible values of that column, select one or more as per your requirement.
After selecting the values press the OK button to apply the filter
Now on the screen you can find the filtered data
Changing or Removing Filter conditions

You can click on “x” button to remove the filter applied or click on “Edit Filter” to edit the filter conditions.

To remove one or more filter conditions, click "x" sign at the end of each filter condition