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Transactions (Warehouse)

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Apart from Sales & Purchase (and subsequent returns), stock movement also occurs for some other types of transactions, like Stock Transfer from one location or godown to another, Item Consumption & Production and adjustments to reconcile book stock with Physical Stock.

Sign means increase in stock

Sign means decrease in stock

Receipt of Goods : The Receipt of materials (and consequently increase in stock) may be due to

Receipt of Purchased Goods from suppliers (Purchase Invoice)

Return of sold goods from customers (Credit Note / Sale Return)

Issue of Goods : The Issue of materials (and consequently decrease in stock) may be due to

Delivery of Goods sold to Customer ( Sale Invoice (Scan POS) and Touch POS)

Return of purchased goods to suppliers (Purchase Return (Debit Note)


Transfer from one location to another (Stock Transfer : Send goods OUT to a Location)

Transfer to one location from another (Stock Transfer : Receive goods IN from a Location)


Consumption of raw material (re packaging) to produce finished goods (Stock Journal : Type Consumption)

Production from raw material (re packaging)  (Stock Journal : Type Production)

Excess of quantity found in Physical Counting (Stock Journal : Type Excess)

Wastage of goods (during production or re packaging) (Stock Journal : Type Wastage)

Shortage of quantity found in Physical Counting (Stock Journal : Type Shortage)


However this menu provides entry for following types of Vouchers :

Stock Transfer Indent
Work Order
Stock Transfer
Stock Journal
Physical Stock Taking
Stock Transfer Indent
Rate Change