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Table Setup

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Here we define the layout of each section (area) of the restaurant. The layout created here is shown at the start of POS.


For example - If you have a restaurant spread across 3 different sections (floor) like Lounge Bar, Coffee Shop and Fine Dining. Then you might need to create 3 different layouts from here.


Through this entry screen you create a set of Tables and assign unique Table Numbers to each Table:

Table Setup



Enter the name of Table Layout (e.g Snack Bar, Dining etc)


Press ALT + L to select one or more Team Master(s) from the list.


Now specify the Table Name for each of the table. You will get a grid of 100 table layout. As per the table placement in the section, type a unique Table number. For example, to give Table number 1 to the first Table of the 2nd column (you do not like to use the first column as there are fewer Tables), click at the Table Tablet and type 1 to allocate Number 1 to the Table.
In this way, you design the layout of Tables of every section (Table Master) for 100 Tables. The system will prevent allotting duplicate Table numbers. To delete a number of a Table, click on the table tablet and rove the number.
The Table numbers must be unique considering the numbers in all Table Layout Masters. So, if you have several Table Layouts, then assign a serial number to all the Tables in the restaurant e.g 1 to 20 for Snack Bar, 21 to 40 for Dining etc., so that all Tables are allotted unique Table Numbers.
Alternately, you may assign Serial Number for each set of Table Layout (e.g SB-1, SB-2, DN-1, DN-2 etc).


Buttons in the Table Setup:

Buttons in the Table Setup are as follows:

-D Display

Click at "-D Display" button bar or press ALT + D  for display of all the menus entries

-L List

Click at "-L List" button bar or press ALT + L to get the list of any item.


Click Exit button or press Esc button to come out of the current screen

-S Save

Click at "–S Save" Button or press ALT + S to save the entries

F1 Help

Click Help button to get context sensitive help