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Settings in FusionERP for exporting data to Tally

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Main Menu > Settings >  Import & Export > Export Data to Tally

FusionERP offers you integration with widely used accounting software Tally in two formats.

Off Line Export: FusionERP creates a XML file which can be imported in Tally as Transaction.
On Line Export: In this method the data is exported to a Tally instance running on same computer or over network.

From Date

Enter the Starting Date from which you want to export data to Tally.

To Date

Enter the End Date up to which you want to export data to Tally.

Data of Location

Select the location for which data is exported.

You can select multiple locations having identical Company Name. In this case the opening voucher is merged to represent cumulative opening balance of ledgers in Tally.
You have to create the company with the same name and it should be active when export of data takes place.
In case of location with different Company Name, you have to select single location at a time and in Tally create different company according to different locations.

Tally IP Port

Enter the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the computer running Tally.

Default is http://localhost:9000

Export Type

Select the data export mode from Off-Line and On-Line (default) mode.

Export Folder

In case of Off-Line Export, specify the folder name where you want the xml file to be created.


Export Sales Voucher (Yes/No)

Sales Return

Export Sales Return Voucher (Yes/No)


Export Purchase Voucher (Yes/No)

Purchase Return

Export Purchase Return Voucher (Yes/No)


Export Receipt Voucher (Yes/No)


Export Payment Voucher (Yes/No)


Export Contra Voucher (Yes/No)


Export Journal Voucher (Yes/No)


Export Opening Voucher (Yes/No)

Exclude Voucher

Exclude Voucher Type

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Export: Click on “Export” Button or Press “ALT+X” to begin export to Tally.

Note : All vouchers (i.e. Sales, Purchase, Sale return, Purchase return , Receipt, Payment, Contra and Journal)  will be transferred in voucher mode with their respective voucher type without any inventory detail.


Configure the Ledger Master for VAT Reports

In case of Vat ledgers Assessable value is transfer along with voucher, this is required for vat report in tally. Open the ledger master and select the appropriate VAT Class Name in the Ledgers related to VAT masters.