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Sales Person

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To measure performance of each Sales person and provide Sales incentive based on sales made through them, Salesman Master are created which contains the rules of Sales Commission payable to them.

During sales voucher entry, a sales person is linked to the sales voucher to give the credit to the respective sales person.

This entry contains data of each sales person and the commission rate. The commission may be computed either or both as percentage (normally for FMCG Items dealers) and as per unit (normally for high value items dealers).

The commission is computed periodically as per period defined through F2: Date Range


Sales Person Name

Enter the Sales Person name

Sales Person Code

Enter unique Sales Person Code (e.g /SRK). This code is added to sales (& returns) of each Item in the voucher.

Commission Percent

Enter Sales Commission Rate in %. The commission would be computed on net sales value (after discount) for each bill.

Commission Value

Enter amount of Sales Commission per unit sold. The commission would be computed on net quantity sold for each bill, irrespective of the Sales Value. Commission will be computed and displayed for both the fields. It’s up to user how s/he wants to implement it.


Sales Person Commission Pickup Sequence during sale

1.Item 11 Digit - % and Value
2.Item - Product master - % and Value
3.Sales Person - % and Value
4.Brand - % and Value
5.Sub Group - % and Value

Note: If both % and Value fields are entered, % will be used for commissioning. Final commission data is saved with for sale transaction for reporting.


Team System on Sales Person        

Team System is available on Sales Person.

In multi-location environment there are different sales persons working at each location.During the sale the sales person list is filtered based on the team.


Buttons in the Sales Person Master:

Main >Master Data Management >Others> Sales Person Master