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Sales (Day/Time)

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This report shows the weekly analysis of Sales for each hour of the week. This helps to plan manpower and display area at different hours (morning / noon/ evening) and days (weekdays / holidays).

The report also shows hour wise sales total for the week (indicating lean and busy hours) and daily sales totals.

Sales (Day/Time):

Columns in the Sales (Day/Time) as follows:

Age Day

Shows item age in number of days.

Age Month

Shows item age in number of month(s).

Age Week

Shows item age in number of week(s).

Age Year

Shows item age in number of year(s).

Dt Day

Shows calendar date wise report.

Dt Day of Week OR Weekdays

Shows weekly calendar days wise report like Monday, Sunday etc.

Dt Month

Shows monthly report from January to December.

Dt Quarter

Shows quarterly report. E.g. 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Dt Day of Year

Shows report from 1st days to last day of the year. E.g. from 1 to 365.

Dt Week of Month

Shows calendar week wise report. E.g. 1 to 5.

Dt Week of Year

Shows yearly week wise report. E.g. 1 to 53.


Buttons in the Sales (Day/Time):

Buttons in Sales (Day / Time) are explained in Using Reports (Register) and Periodical Purchase Report.