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Salary Structure

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Main > Master Data Management > Payroll  > Salary Structure (M > P > S)

1.From main menu go to the "Salary Structure" (M > P > S).
2.Select a employee in “Employee Name” field.
3.Set date from which the salary payment will be effective in “Effective Date” field.
4.Now you have to define salary structure of each employee separately as shown in the picture below;



Enter the pay heads as per their Display Order defined in the Pay Head Master. Dependent pay heads should always come after the pay heads on which they are dependent.
Here you don’t need to enter value if calculation method of the pay head is either “Computation” or “User Defined”. In other cases you have to enter value for the pay head.
"Pay Head" of "User Defined" calculation method doesn't require to be set here. You may enter manual transaction without defining here.


Buttons in the Salary Structure:

Buttons in "Salary Structure" are explained in Employee Master.