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Room Availability by Type

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Columns in the Room Availability by type:

Columns in the Room Availability by Type report are as follows:

Total Rooms

Total number of rooms in a hotel.


Total Rooms excluding the Rooms Out of Order.


Number of checked-in rooms in a day or given date range.


Number of reserved rooms available to be checked in for a day or date range.


Sum of rooms Occupied and Reserved.


It shows occupancy rate in % for the day or a given date range.

Calculating Formula:

Room Sold * 100 / Total number of rooms exclude the rooms which are out of order.


It reveals the success of a hotel in attracting guests to a hotel. While higher rate shows  success in attracting the customers, lower rate shows an inability in attracting.


Buttons in the Room Availability by Type:

Buttons in Room Availability by Type are explained in Reservation List Report.