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F&B (Restaurant Master)

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Main Menu > Master Data Management > F&B Masters

These masters are specific to F&B Industry. This menu provides entry for following types of Restaurant Master :

Table Setup: Create Table Layout and assign unique Table Numbers to each Table.

Menu Management: Create menu and the respective Items in the Menu.

Sub Menu: To create Sub Menu.

Forced Questions: List of associated standard choices and options used in an order.

Cancellation Reasons: List of  standard reasons for cancellation of orders.

Modifier Management: List of standard modifier for personalized preferences on Item.

Sub Modifier: To create Sub Modifier.

Product Recipe (BOM): Standard Recipe of a preparation.

Service Block: To create Service Block for Spa Reservation.

Combo Master: To create Combo Master.

Service Mode: To create Service Mode.

Seat Master: To create Seat Master.

Resource Master: To create Resource Master for Spa Reservation.