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Rejection In Transaction Option

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Rejection In Transaction Option

You get this screen when you press ALT + O or click button "-O Opt Voucher" in the Rejection In.


Buttons of Rejection In Transaction are explained in Sales Order Transaction option. Buttons specific to the report are discussed here:

Allow Return without Sale

Yes will restrict to create transaction of a product which is not delivered at all, No will allow Rejection In entry irrespective of item is delivered or not.

Prompt to Enter Number of Persons

Set Yes to get prompt to enter number of persons related to the Sale Challan (Delivery Note), else set No.

Auto Fill Challan Detail

Set Yes to make challan selection applicable else set No.  If set No, then the transaction will not be populated using “-A Challan Sel” button.  After pressing Alt+A it will show the list of challans, now if you select challan then no data will be populated for transaction.