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Sometimes, unaccepted Items are returned by customer. Rejection In option is used to return Items, delivered through Sale Challan.

The Rejection In, in respect of Items returned affects only Inventory not the Accounts. The stock of Items returned gets increased.

Buttons in the Rejection In:

Buttons in Rejection In are explained in Sale Invoice (Scan POS). Button specific to this report are discussed here:

– A Challan Sel

Use this button to populate a list of Sale Challan, created against the selected supplier. Then select desired Sale Challan from the list to populate challan items.

-F6 Scale Input

Click this button or press ALT + F6 to get input of Weigh Scale.

-Q Calc Qty

Click this button or press ALT + Q to calculate item quantity based on the sale amount entered. This is useful in sweet shops where customer asks to pack sweet of certain value in rounded figure.

For example: If a customer asks the sale person to pack "Kaju Barfi" woth Rs.500/- which is Rs.350/- a kilo, then it seems to be very difficult to back calculate and then put the quantity in a busy sale counter.


In order to calculate item quantity for the sale amount entered, please follow the steps given below:

1.Select the item entry row and then click this button or press ALT + Q
2.It will ask for Amount.
3.Enter Amount and it will calculate Qty.



Discount or Scheme will not be considered while calculating Qty.