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Regional Setting

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Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings> Regional Setting (T > A > A)

Here you set up the settings applicable for each country in the country master.


Type in Country Name.

Date Format

Select the date format from the list like, (dd-MM-yy, MM-dd-yy or yy-MM-dd). For India, you should select dd-MM-yy (e.g 25-11-09 to show 25 Nov 2009).

Date Separator

Enter the date separator (like -) to separate the day, month & year component of the date. Preferably use.


Select the time hours type from the list like as (12 hrs or 24 hrs). e.g, enter 24 to indicate 17:04:32. To show 05:04:32 pm enter 12. Preferably use 24. When you use 12, the letter pm or am is suffixed to the time to indicate the pm or am.


Regional Setting Button

Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings> Regional Setting

D Display

Click at -D Display button bar or press Alt+D  for display of all the menus entries.

L List

Click at -L List button bar or press Alt+L to get the list of any items in the current field.


Click Exit button or press Esc button to come out of the current screen.

S Save

Click at –S Save Button or press Alt+S to save the entries.