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Received from Jobber

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This is the third operation in customer service transaction.

After alteration by jobber the garment products are collected from jobber. These types of operations can be done through this entry.


At the Header you enter Jobber Name and Memo Number / Voucher Number:


Press ALT + L and select the Jobber from the list. The Jobber particulars are shown in a window for reference. Press CTRL + N to create a new jobber.

Against Memo

Press ALT + L and select the Memo / Voucher from the list.

Line Details

At detail line, the following particulars of each Item ordered are displayed:


Serial Number of the Item displayed (like 1).

Product Name

Name of the scanned or selected product will be displayed.

Product Code

Code of the scanned or selected product will be displayed.

Tracking Code

A “Tracking code” will be generated automatically after saving an entry in Received from Customer voucher, to track the alteration process. First five digits of tracking code of all selected products are same of a single entry.

Qty Unit

Enter the Received item’s Quantity for the Product (by default its 1, you may change it by pressing F3 - Add Qty or F4 Less Qty).


Set the focus to “job” and press CTRL + N > It will open a job creation screen (where you can create Job Name and job Days) Or Press ALT + L to select jobs from the list.


Here you can find Remarks about the job or enter the required remarks about the job.

Buttons in the Received from Jobber Voucher:

Buttons in the Received from Jobber are explained below:

F2 Date

Click at F2 Date button bar or press F2 button key for enter the Date of Voucher.

-O Opt Voucher

Click at "-O Opt Voucher" button or Press ALT + O to get the Received from Customer option  screen and to set Received from Customer options.

-W Opt Prn Win

Click "-W Opt Prn Win" button or press ALT + W to get Received from Customer print option and set the options.

-D Display

Click at "-D Display" button or press ALT + D for display all entries of Received from Customer Voucher.

-L List

Click at "–L List" button or press ALT + L to get the list of respective master and select an master item.

Related Faq:

^D Delete

Press CTRL + D key to Delete the Voucher. To delete a specific line item, press ALT + D Delete on the line Item.

^P Print

Click at "^P Print" button or press CTRL + P for print the Voucher.

F12 Change Loc

Click F12 Change Loc button or press F12 to change the location. The entire voucher will be moved to the selected Location. Location is applicable for entire voucher but warehouse can be specified for each line Item.


Click Exit button or press Esc button to come out of the current screen A prompt appears if you attempt to exit before saving.

F1 Help

Press F1 to get context sensitive help relating the current voucher.

-V Preview Dgn

Click "–V Preview Dgn" button or press ALT + V to get the design screen to change the output format of the Voucher Document

-F3 Report

Click "–F3 Report" button or Press ALT + F3 to view the Order Register on screen.

-F11 Chg Voucher

Select different voucher types from the list.