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Receipt Printing Using  POS and OPOS Method

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You can use the following method to print on the POS receipt printers.

You need to change the Driver Type in Station Setup

OPOS Mode: Use this option if the OPOS driver is available for your printer.

 For more information on OPOS please go thorough OPOS Technology: Introduction

DOS Mode: To use the Esc / POS Commands and to print directly on the port with out using any driver.

Printing Options:

The following option needs to be set in order to customize printing according to your needs.

Sale (POS) Print Option
Sale Return (POS) Print Option
Sale Order (POS) Print Option


The following PDF file will give you a visual presentation of the different available options.

Sale Bill Printing on Receipt Printing
Restaurant KOT ( Kitchen Order Ticket) Printing
Food Court Coupon Printing
Food Court Prepaid Receipt Fill Receipt
Food Court Prepaid Receipt Refill Receipt
Food Court Prepaid Receipt Refund Receipt