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This report shows the Sales Quantity and the Sales Value (sales Price & MRP), Discount, Cost Price, Profit %, Mark Up & mark Down in respect of Opening, Stock In, Stock Out & Closing Stock, along with Profitability analysis figures of Profit, Margin & Mark Up Values.

In collapse mode, the report shows the figures at Stock Group level, while in expand mode, item wise details are shown.

You may explode any Item Group to see the Item details of the specific Group.

Columns in the Profitability:

Columns in the Profitability are as follows:

Product ID

Shows Product id, four digit product code.

Child ID

Shows Product child id.


Shows Voucher Type. E.g. Sale, Sale Return etc.


Shows Transaction date.


Shows Transaction time.

Vch Number

Shows Voucher number of the transaction.


Shows Transaction quantity.


Shows MRP of the item.

Sal Rate

Shows Sale Rate of the item.

P Cost

Shows Cost Price of the product.

Pur Rate

Shows Purchase Rate of the item.

Amt (CP)

Shows total cost price of the item (Qty x P Cost).

Amt (MRP)

Shows total MRP of the item (Qty x MRP).

Amt (SP)

Shows total sale price of the item (Qty x Sale Price).

Disc %

Shows % of discount given during sale.


Shows profit amount.


Shows margin % = [(MRP - P Cost)/ P Cost]  x 100).


Shows markup % = [(Sale Price - Cost Price) / Sale Price)] x 100.


Buttons in the Profitability Report:

Buttons in Profitability are explained in Using Reports (Register).