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Prepaid Transaction Option

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Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Prepaid > Option (Alt + O)

You get this screen when you press ALT + O or click button "-O Opt Voucher" in the Prepaid Card Transaction.


Fields in Prepaid Card Transaction Option:

Card Deposit Value

Specify the Card Deposit / Security Value. Enter a Fixed Amount to be kept as deposit against Prepaid Card issued.

Card Validity (in days)

Specify the Card Validity, in days.

Mode of Payment

Select applicable Mode of Payment

Allow Expired Card

Set it to Yes to allow Expired Card during Transaction, otherwise No

Ask Before Saving

Select Yes to avoid “Save confirmation box”, No to display it.

Show Report With Card Session

Set Yes to see session wise report else set No.

For more detail please visit:

Generation of session wise report for all the Prepaid Cards

Auto Print After Save (POS)

Ask = Will show a message asking to print the pos bill or not
Yes = Will print the pos bill without showing any message
No = will not print the pos bill

Customer Statement Format

Select Summary format or Detail format

Print Statement on Refund

Select Yes to print the statement on refund, No for not printing it