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Prepaid Concepts and FAQ

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Preventing Post dated transaction in prepaid fill – refill and refund

Problem: If you perform post dated fill, refill or refund, it shows a negative balance in current day prepaid reports.

Cause: Suppose today is 10-Jan-2009 and if you fill a card by changing date (using F2) to 15-Jan-2009.

Since all the Touch POS transaction is made on Server Date, so sale date will be 10-Jan-2009.

Now as a result, a negative balance will be shown if the report is seen on 10-Jan-2009.

Solution: You can stop the user from changing the date from by setting “Change Date = No” in action control of designation setup.

The concept of  "Card Deposit Value".

The card deposit value is a amount which you can set as a security deposit from the customer so that they return the card even there is no balance in it.


1.Once you set Card Deposit Value = 50 in the Prepaid Transaction Option.
2.Now if you fill a card with Rs.500
3.The max spending on this card will be set automatically to Rs.450 (500-50)
4.Now the customer has spend Rs.200 (she can not spend more then 450)
5.When the card is present for the refund - it will show Rs.300 (500-200) as refund.
Card Numbers

The card number in prepaid is based on the customer master.

You should use Generating Cards for Prepaid Use for creating card numbers.
Card Number field of Customer Master accepts an input of 6 to 20 digit alphanumeric value.
If you do not provide an input the system generates an unique 5 digit alphanumeric code.



Can we make the partial refund?

For example if the card is having a balance of R.500/- and I want to refund only Rs.200/-
Answer: No. You cannot make partial refund. You have to make full refund.
However You can follow the below steps to simulate a partial refund

1.Make the full refund of Rs.500/-
2.Pay the money to Customer.
3.Take Rs.300/- from Customer (or whatever amount he wants)
4.Fill a new card (or same card) with the amount.
How To UNBLOCK a Card ? How Block Card Works?

Blocking a card will make the card Inactive. A BLOCKED card cannot be used at POS.
If a inactive card is used the following message will be shown

At Prepaid Transaction: After swipe the amount will be generated and a message will be shown "You cannot use this card as it is Blocked - Please Contact Administrator" with OK button.After pressing Ok you can use the Un Block function to unblock the card provided you have security rights.
At Scan POS (Prepaid Mode): "You cannot use this card as it is Blocked - Please Contact Administrator" with only ok button.
Is Select Customer works in Prepaid?

Yes. If No Items showing on the Order List, Then only you can select a New Customer.

Related Faq: While Entering into Order Screen during Prepaid, Customer List will be available or not?
Ans : No. The customer list will not be available. The concept is to swipe the card instead of selecting from list.

What is the Modification Procedure in Prepaid Transaction?

There is no modification allowed in Prepaid Transaction.

However You can follow the below steps to simulate a modification

1.Suppose if you have filled a card wrongly with Rs.1000/- where in the customer wanted a sum of Rs.500/- only.
2.Make the refund of the card with full amount.
3.Make the payment to the customer (as a normal case)
4.Fill a new card (or the same card) with Rs.500/-
What is the Modification Procedure in Prepaid Sale Transaction?

The following steps help you to modify a Prepaid Sale Transaction

1.The card must not be refunded yet.
2.To modify a Transaction open it from display report. If the card is refunded then it will not allow you to open and display message.
3.When you open the transaction it will ask you to swipe the card. The card must match the card present in that sale transaction.
4.Now you can modify the sale as per requirement like voiding an item, giving discount etc.
5.The net amount of the sale should not exceed the balance amount.
6.On tender it will update the card with final value.
Can I refund a ZERO value card?

Yes. You can refund a zero value card.

Why there is a same key F4 for refill and refund?

There are two buttons 'Re Fill' and 'Refund' have same short cut key F4, Why is so?

There is 3 operations in Prepaid.(Fill, Refill and Refund)
Once you Fill a Card, from next time onward it will open as "Refund Mode", then you can toggle the mode using "F4" between "Refill" and "Refund" (but not in "Fill" mode).
If a card is not yet "Filled" the "Refund" and "Refill" function will not work.
NB : There is two button "Refill" and "Refund" with the Same Key "F4", because it's a toggle key.


Why a card is showing as blocked, but I haven’t blocked it?

Message: You cannot use this card as it is Blocked - Please Contact Administrator

Cause: When a card is swiped it is blocked temporarily so the same card cannot be used at other system. After the transaction is over the card is again unblocked. Now if the computer is restarted before the transaction is over then at this point card becomes blocked permanently.

Solution: Unblock the card manually by using the –U Unblock button at prepaid.

Is "Open Order" and "Create order" is working at prepaid card system in touch pos?


When prepaid card system is activated in touch pos, "Create Order" (F10) and "Open order" (F3) will not work.

The Order List and Production is also not available when prepaid card system is activated

While changing the "Card Deposit Value", What will happen to existing cards with some balance?

The existing card value will remain unchanged.

Let’s say you have changed the deposit value from previous Rs.50 to new value Rs.75.
At this point there was a active cards (the card not refunded yet) with a balance of Rs.150 (inclusive of deposit value Rs.50).

This balance amount remains the same even you change the deposit value.

In which MOP the balance amount will populate at the time of refund?

The balance amount will be populated in the first MOP.

You can now edit the MOP and put in required amount. Please make sure that the total should be equal to the balance amount.
If the refund amount does not match the balance amount you will be presented with a message "The refund amount does not match the balance amount" and the transaction will not be saved.