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Prepaid Card Transaction

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Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Prepaid

To activate the prepaid system follow the below steps:

1.Generate Series of cards to be used for the prepaid operations in Generating Cards for Prepaid Use
2.Configure the numbering etc. in Voucher Type :Prepaid
3.Set the option for prepaid card transaction in Prepaid Transaction Option
4.Fill the card at the cash counter (As shown below)
5.Set “Activate Prepaid System” to “Yes” in Sale Option
6.Make sale against the filled card :Making the Sale against Prepaid Card
7.Refill or Refund the remaining balance amount to the customer (card owner) at the Cash Counter (As shown below)
8.Setup print options from Prepaid Print Option.
Fill (Activate) the Card:

Steps to Fill (Activate) the Card (Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Prepaid)

Swipe the card at Cash Counter
Fill in the appropriate value
Click Save.

Re Fill the Card:

Once you swipe a card which is already in use, by default, the refund screen is shown in red color.

At this point if you want to refill the card, press F4 and enter desired amount.

Refund the Balance Card Value to Customer:

Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Prepaid

When you swipe a card which is already in use, you will be prompted for Refund.

Common Buttons specific to the Prepaid:

Please check general keys and shortcut – Buttons specific to Prepaid are as under:

F2 Date

Click this button or press F2 to change transaction date.

F4 Re Fill

To change the transaction mode to Refill from Refund.

F4 Refund

To change the transaction mode to Refund from Refill.

-D User Stmt

Click this button or press Alt+D to view user wise prepaid transaction detail for a given date range.

F3 Day End

To display the Day End Report.

-S Save

Use this button to save any changes made.

-C Clear

Click this button or press Alt+C to clear the amount entered in Cash.

^H Cust History

Click this button or press CTRL+H to view prepaid transaction detail of all of the card holders / customers.

-M Cust Stmt

To open and print mini statement for any active card.

Click on “-M Mini Stmt” and swipe the card to view mini statement.

This will not open mini statement for cards having Zero balance.


Click Exit button or press Esc button to come out of the current screen.

F1 Help

Press F1 to get context sensitive help relating the current voucher.

-O Opt Voucher

To set the transaction option: Prepaid Transaction Option.

-R Opt Prn POS

To set the print option: Prepaid Print Option.

-B Block Card

To block a stolen / lost card.

-U Unblock Card

To unblock a card which is blocked.

F7 Read Card

Click this button or press F7 to read a smart card data.