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Physical Stock Taking

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Stock taking means physically verifying the entire stock, comparing it with the actual and working out the correct value.

There is no specific time for verifying the Physical Stock. However, it is always advised that physical stock take should happen at regular intervals of time. Stock taking can be done in the simplest way by adopting the following course of action:

It is observed over a period that practically it is not possible to take stock of entire organization in a single day. Now you can do the entry of physical stock in a range of days. Let us assume that the physical stock taking is started on 15th day of a Month and will continue on 16th and end on 17th.
In this case we will do the date wise entry i.e. physical stock taken on 15th will be entered on the 15th  date and so on.
After the complete  physical stock taking and entry – go to the physical stock discrepancy report and see the discrepancy.
You should use the date range 15 to 17. The entire physical stock vouchers present in this date range will be added to the physical stock column.
Please note that the computer stock will be taken the closing stock of the previous day of the date range. In the above case the computer stock is the closing stock of 14th day.
You can select the products to be adjusted and then use  “-A Adjust” button to resolve the discrepancy.
To resolve the discrepancy a production / consumption voucher is automatically created on the previous date of stock take. In the above the production / consumption voucher is created on 14th of the month.

Note : The auto voucher will be generated in the multiples of 100 entries in a single voucher. Example if we want to adjust 377 items then it will create 4


Any sales made during this period, if any, before stock taking should also be entered in Physical Stock.
Any exchange or return during this period, if any, should be kept apart from Physical Stock and will be entered after Stock Taking is completed (after 17th of January).
It is highly recommended that you should not enter any purchase and purchase return during stock taking period.


Note: Please note the following points…

1.Stock Discrepancy Report must be as on date.
2.The computer stock will be taken till as on date.
3.Date of Discrepancy Report & Physical Voucher should be same
4.Adjustment Memo will be created as on date.

At the Header you select the following Items.


Press ALT + L and select the Warehouse form the List.


Press ALT + L and select the Category from the list. You may select All from the category if you like to enter data for any category. The available choices are as follows.

4.Sub Group
6.Bin Location


If you have selected any specific category (other than ALL), Press ALT + L to get the list of attributes to select the Items (like Brand, Bin Location, Department, Group, Sub Group.) Select any attribute. Alternatively, you may scan the items pertaining to the respective category. If you select All at Category field, this field is skipped.


Press ALT + L to get the list of Items as per the selected attributes.


Enter narration or remark if any.

Compare Type

You can compare the physical stock against the following:

1.Computer Stock (Book Stock)
4.Sales Return
5.Stock Transfer
Line Field

On selection of the Item and the attribute, you get the Physical Stock Voucher entry screen, as follows:


Running serial number of the item in voucher, starting from 1.

Product Name

Product Name of scanned or selected product.

Product Code

Corresponding Item Code is displayed from Product Master.


By default, 1 is carried at Quantity field, over type the Quantity.

Pur Rate

Purchase Rate is carried from last purchase invoice.

Pur Value

Computed Purchase Value is shown (Qty x Purchase Rate).

Buttons in the Physical Stock Taking Voucher:

Buttons in the Physical Stock Taking Voucher are as follows:

F2 Date

Click at F2 Date button bar or press F2 button key for enter the Date of Voucher.

F3 Add qty

Click F3 Add qty Button or press F3 button key to add the quantity of product. For example if the quantity entered is 5, but you want to make it 8 either you overtype 8 at the quantity column (you have to use mouse) or click F3 Add Qty button (from keyboard without using mouse) and type 3 to add 3 in the current quantity (5) to make it 8.

F4 Less qty.

Click F4 Less qty Button or press F4 button key to less the quantity of product. For example if the quantity entered is 5, but you want to make it 3, either you overtype 3 at the quantity column or click F4 Add Less Qty button and type 2 to deduct 2 in the current quantity (5) to make it 3.

-D Display

Click at "-D Display" button or press ALT + D for display all entries of Physical Stock entries.

-S Save

Use this button to save any changes made.


Click this button or press ALT + L to get the list of respective master and select an master item.

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Click Exit button or press Esc button to come out of the current screen A prompt appears if you attempt to exit before saving.

F1 Help

Press F1 to get context sensitive help relating the current voucher.

-O Opt Voucher

Click at "-O Opt Voucher" button or Press ALT + O to get the Physical Stock Option screen and to set options.

-W Opt Prn Win

Click "-W Opt Prn Win" button or press ALT + W to get Physical Stock Window Print Option and set the options.

^D Delete

Press Ctrl + D key to Delete the Voucher. To delete a specific line item, press ALT + D on the line Item.

^P Print

Click at P Print button or press CTRL + P for print the Voucher.

F12 Change Loc

Click this button or press F12 to change the Location.

-V Preview Dgn

Click this button or press ALT + V to get preview designer and redesign the print format of the Physical Stock Indent Voucher.

-F3 Report

Click this button or press ALT + F3 to view the Physical Stock Register.

-F11 Chg Voucher

Click this button or press ALT + F11 to select different Voucher Type for the transaction.


Click this button or press ALT + U to enter data for User Defined Fields.

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^F11 All Column

Click this button or press CTRL + F11 to view item wise transaction detail.

-F6 Scale Input

Click this button or press ALT + F6 to get input of Weigh Scale.

-N Container

Click this button or press ALT + N to select Container from the list.

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